In today’s online world, an increasing number of people spend their days, nights and weekends on Facebook and Twitter. While it’s easy to waste time on these two websites, they can generate a constant flow of leads for your business, if you understand how to use them correctly.

When you register an account on Facebook, use your

real name; do not sign up as your business. Pick a simple, easy-to-remember username for Twitter. For instance, mine is

Once you’ve created your accounts, set up your profiles so people can get to know you and what you’re all about. Be open about yourself when you enter the social media scene. Most successful social media marketers live an open-book lifestyle online through Facebook and Twitter updates. If you are not comfortable doing this, then the social media scene may not be a place for you.

Pictures and videos are powerful ways to share our lives with others. People love sharing photos and streaming video— at work, at home, in schools and at churches around the world. How can you expect to sell someone something online if you don’t “live” in the online world? Living on the Internet doesn’t mean you spend all your time there, but you want to be present in such a way that people perceive you as a real person they know, like and can “justify” trusting with their business.

Facebook Tips

Add at least a hundred high-resolution pictures of yourself (three to five photo albums) to your Facebook profile. Share your story by showing people where you started out in life, where you are today and where you are going. Dig out your paper photo albums and scan old pictures from your past. Combine them with digital pictures of yourself, your family and friends.

Create an album titled “Goal List,” then upload pictures of how you see your future. When your friends see these pictures, this will send positive energy your direction. Most people want similar things in life (mortgage paid off, new car, more vacation time, etc.) so you will see your Facebook friends comment positively on the pictures in your Goal List. They will subconsciously be attracted to you through the goals you mutually share with one another.

Once you’ve uploaded your pictures and created a detailed Info page, get active! Start posting compliments on people’s status messages, tag your friends in pictures in your albums, tag them in videos, join their groups and generate conversation. Most people are not active enough in the social media scene to attract a large following. Make it a daily goal to use the photo or video tag feature at least five times and post five comments on your friends’ walls, pictures, videos, notes and groups.

Wish your friends happy birthday by posting a message on their wall. Their friends will see your posts and this is how they will find you. The goal is to get 5,000 people—the current maximum number of friends an individual account can accumulate on Facebook—to send you a friend request.

Add new content to your photo albums weekly. When you do, your growing list of friends will see it as they log into their account. If you did a good job capturing the moment, they will post comments and their friends will see this and be given a direct link to your photo, video, note or group.

Twitter Tips

Twitter is a much simpler platform than Facebook, but watch out, it can be equally addictive! Complete the entire Account page located in the Settings section of your Twitter account. In the “More Info URL” field, enter a link to your personal website or blog. If you don’t blog, simply include your Facebook link. Do not enter your company or distributor website. This is crucial: you don’t want to come across as a salesperson—no one likes being sold. Smart marketers have people ask them what it is they are selling.

In the one-line bio field, give a snapshot of who you are and what you do. The goal with Twitter is to attract as many followers as you can and then “tweet” things of value to them, such as statistics, tips and news related to your profession.

There is no limit to the number of followers you can generate on Twitter. The more followers you have, the greater your reach and the more profitable your Twitter network will ultimately be. You attract followers through your activity. This activity includes using the search feature to find topics of interest, then reaching out and interacting with perfect strangers by replying to their tweets about these topics.

Seek out like-minded people and start reading their messages. If you are getting value, follow them. When you do this, they will receive an email with a link to your Twitter page. Most people enjoy learning more about their stalkers—I mean followers—on Twitter. This is why you should link from your Twitter profile to a personal web site. Make it a goal to post a minimum of ten tweets per day, half for fun and half to provide value to your Tweet stream. In addition to tweeting ten times daily, also reply to a minimum of ten tweets sent by those you are personally following.

Today more than ever, people want to do business with who they know, like and trust. Facebook and Twitter are excellent tools to paint a portrait of your life through pictures, videos and status updates. When friends and followers begin interacting with you more frequently, focus on moving the conversations away from the social media platforms to email and phone. If they ask what you do for a living, send them the information over email. Never use Facebook to introduce your business. Your account will be terminated if you are perceived as using it for advertising. Play by their rules and your experience will be rewarding.


SHANNON DENNISTON was raised in a network marketing
family and enjoyed substantial personal success in the business.
As a social media and Internet marketing consultant, he
creates online lead generation and email follow-up systems for
network marketing and direct sales professionals. Shannon’s
paid membership sites have served more
than 18,000 clients spanning more than thirty countries.