Education regarding the true value of our business model is the first step in elevating network marketing to a higher level of professionalism. For example:

When you research the facts, you will discover that network marketing is growing faster than most business sectors today and continues to impress world-renowned scholars like Dr. Charles King, a Harvard graduate, professor at the University of Chicago and author of The New Professionals. Dr. King’s research goes a long way to validate our profession.

Paul Zane Pilzer, a Wharton graduate, New York University professor and bestselling author of The Next Millionaires, states that a significant number of the next decade’s new millionaires will come from the network marketing profession.

Harry S. Dent, Jr., a Harvard graduate, leading economist and bestselling author of The Roaring 2000’s, says that in tough economic times of rising unemployment we need a home-based business to survive and thrive.

Warren Buffett, investment genius and owner of a network marketing company through his famed investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, says investing in a network marketing company was one of the wisest business decisions he ever made.

How are we to elevate our profession even as we continue working in the trenches? The best thing we can do is to display character and integrity in all our dealings—no matter how small.

Every business has days when things go wrong. When you find yourself in these situations, simply do the right thing so you continue to establish network marketing as a desirable and enviable profession. Errors, losses and breakage happen in every profession. It is the response to these situations that brings credit or disgrace.

Just over a year after we started our business, a member of our downline quit the business and left behind a wake of upset clients. The time period for returning products to the company for a full refund had expired, but these clients felt they still deserved to have their money refunded. We decided that refunding their money was the right thing to do. Even though it was tough for us financially, we did it anyway.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! Over the last five years, our business has averaged $23,860 per month and we have built many powerful, lasting relationships.

We elevate the networking profession by educating ourselves and others, doing the right thing—no matter how seemingly small—and by investing in people and relationships.


JERRY NICHOLS is a successful network marketing leader and
Senior Vice President for one of the world’s largest investment
management firms. Jerry lives in Phoenix with his wife
Rachele and their son Ethan.