Last week I received a hand-written note from a woman in my organization. It was beautiful in its simplicity: “Two years ago you offered me an opportunity that was so good it had to be true. Thank you very much. I appreciate you and pray for you and your family daily.”

I was humbled, as I always am when I receive a thank-you note from someone who deserves my appreciation. After all, this woman is building a team in my downline! If you’ve been involved in our profession for any length of time, you’ve undoubtedly received similar notes of gratitude. Isn’t it amazing to receive thanks from the people who are blessing our lives?

The best way to elevate our profession is by daily expressing gratitude for the gifts network marketing brings to our lives.

Just this morning, I was visiting with a Realtor®, discussing the topic that rears its head in most conversations these days—the economy. It would have been easy to commiserate. Instead, I expressed sincere gratitude for network marketing, a profession that has brought me financial freedom and allowed me to invest in real estate.

My Realtor® listened intently as I shared a few details about the opportunity my brother (thank you, Dallin!) shared with me in 1994, which now allows me to live my life doing what I love. I explained how, despite having no formal education beyond high school, being a single mother of five, facing overwhelming medical expenses and having no prior experience in networking, I was able to rise through the ranks of my company, build an organization that spans the globe and enjoy a recession-proof lifestyle filled with abundance and joy.

As networking professionals, we have much to offer potential business partners: improved health, financial freedom, time with our loved ones, opportunities for travel, personal growth, the ability to give back and change lives, and so on. However, something extraordinary happens when we simply share the gratitude we feel for network marketing. It catches most people a bit off guard, perhaps because we’re communicating with their hearts rather than their intellects.

Make gratitude a habit. It’s the law of attraction in action and it comes with a bonus: it’s almost impossible to feel gratitude and stress simultaneously!

The following simple ritual helps me to remember daily how fortunate I am: every morning, before I hit the ground running, I think of something I’m grateful for. At night, rather than lying in bed worrying about all the chaos that’s swirling around me, I make a conscious effort to express gratitude for all the good that happened that day, including the opportunity of working with like-minded people in a wonderful profession.

Feel gratitude, acknowledge it daily, express it to others and watch what happens. Each time I find myself telling a prospect how grateful I am for what has happened to my life as a result of being in network marketing, I can almost read their thoughts: “Maybe the same could happen for me?” And of course, it can.

COLLETTE LARSEN is a network marketing leader,
trainer and spokesperson, running an organization that
currently spans fourteen countries. Collette has been her
company’s top income earner and Distributor of the Year
for fourteen years.