Are you proud of being a professional networker? Is there any part of you that cringes when someone asks, “Is this MLM?” Let’s look at what makes our profession powerful and what weakens it.

Coming out of the grocery store, you see a flyer on your windshield promising an outrageous income for starting your own part-time, home-based business. Does that make you proud of our profession? It doesn’t do it for me. When you are watching the Super Bowl and the first commercial shows the power and freedom of owning your own business, do you feel proud of our profession? I sure do.

Google your company’s name and up on the right side of the page pops “Sponsored Links.” It might surprise you to see a list of sites that are raining negativity on your company. One even says, “Why X Company Reps are Moving to Y Company.” How does that make you feel about our profession? Google any network marketing company and you will see the same vampires sucking the lifeblood out of our profession. I’m generally a good guy, but I admit being tempted to click on their link a few times just to make them pay.

Have you ever seen a magazine that focuses on how great one company is? I’m sure you’re aware that most of the time that company paid for that issue. Do you know distributors who then peddle that magazine to prospects as though it was an independent news source? Does that make you feel proud? How about when you see the cover of Fortune magazine describing the benefits of owning your own business? Now that’s news that makes me proud. When genuinely independent media espouse our virtues, we’ve got something good going!

If we want to elevate our profession, we must elevate ourselves. We have a responsibility to maintain our integrity and in so doing, we build and maintain the integrity of the networking profession. When a distributor says, “It’s easy money out here,” we have to step up and let people know that’s not so. When another distributor says, “If I can do this, anybody can,” we know that’s not necessarily so. Like most career paths, successful network marketing takes time and practice. Unlike most career paths, it comes with a team of people committed to teaching, mentoring and coaching you to success.

We founded Networking University to supplement your organization’s training. Our goal at NU is for each of you to be able to create the future you choose and to get there as quickly as you can with integrity and professionalism. By providing you with what you need to elevate yourself, we elevate our profession.

Remember: education changes everything.

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University