A time when I felt particularly wealthy and free was during graduate school at Stanford. I used to bike around campus, enjoying the Mediterranean-style architecture under a perfect blue sky while feeling the limitless opportunities with which this place was alive.

Like most students, I didn’t have a lot of money or assets to my name, but we felt rich with potential and empowered by a community that continuously inspired us to imagine new possibilities.

That was the eighties. Flash-forward to today: many baby boomers have lost a sizeable chunk of their nest egg through plummeting stock and real estate values. A lot of jobs have been lost, and many of them are not coming back any time soon.

Times of loss provide us with a chance to reevaluate our priorities and start over, right from the basics. Today’s world is showing us that there are no secure jobs or businesses, there are only secure people; there are no secure investments other than those we make in ourselves and our relationships.

Our primary needs beyond food and shelter are to feel connected—loved and supported by a community of like-minded people—and to feel that we’re growing and becoming more of what we are.

How are we serving people in times of need? A question we could all ask ourselves is, “Just how viable am I as a seed for future possibilities?”

Here at Networking Times, our mission is to provide networkers and entrepreneurs with opportunities for growth by teaching them the mindset and the skills needed to be successful in their businesses.

Through our newsstand presence, we build belief in the minds of prospects and the public at large that networking marketing is a sound business model and a powerful vehicle for personal and financial transformation. We also spotlight the networking profession as a model for business at large, based on cooperation and empowerment rather than competition and exploitation.

What can you offer through your business opportunity? Network marketing certainly isn’t for everyone, but to the right person, it can provide self-development, leadership and community.

The people who have changed the world have been those who instilled in others the confidence to step up, serve, take initiative and create positive change. No one does this better than network marketing leaders.

A spirit of change is in the air. In this issue, we ask the question: could this be the time to elevate our profession and take network marketing mainstream?

When we show people a way to invest in their inner wealth and provide them with a medium for exchanging value, we enable them to live from possibility rather than from fear and lack.

Wealth and freedom can be attained here and now, when our work fulfills our hearts.

JOSEPHINE GROSS, PH.D. is cofounder and editor of Networking Times.