Luke Krcil
Luke Krcil

Luke Krcil first got involved in network marketing thirteen years ago. His initial experience in the business wasn’t very positive, and for the first four years he kept wondering whether he really wanted to be a networking professional.

“I resisted it,” he says, “but network marketing kept finding me. I could see the beauty of people working together as a team and using the power of leverage for wealth-building, but something didn’t feel quite right.”

It wasn’t until he found his current company nine years ago that he felt he’d found a mission and a purpose he could fully get behind.

“Even then, it never occurred to me that I would reach the top in my company,” he says. “I simply focused on my own growth and development, and on falling in love with the master’s journey, meaning I fell in love with the craft more than with the benefit that comes from being a master of the craft.”

According to Luke, success is the natural outcome of the master’s journey—not the focus. He learned this from being involved in twelve-step programs. He believes life is a process of expanding our awareness and cultivating the right relationships to self, to other and to spirit. This also means that we never arrive, because this process is ever-unfolding. The journey is the destination.

Unlike many network marketers, Luke is not living for milestones such as reaching a certain income level or retiring in a particular number of years. Instead, he lives life very much in the present and he can’t imagine retiring any time soon. He enjoys traveling the world, building teams in different cities in the U.S. and Europe, and sharing his life with like-minded people. He says network marketing is the greatest...