How to Win the Yellow Jersey
Attracting talent, developing and then leading leaders is the bedrock upon which high-performance teams are built. A leader of leaders doesn’t do the work for his team; instead, he empowers each emerging leader to commit to individual performance as well as organizational outcomes.

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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on inspiring and empowering leaders.

A panel of four guest commentators ponders the question, “How do you lead leaders?”

Count Your Leaders
Art Jonak
To be successful in network marketing, all you have to do is build leaders and make them successful. Your leaders make you financially secure while making your life easy. They enjoy taking responsibility and being in control. They are actually happy when you’re away, so they can do their business peacefully without your interference. These leaders are rare. Just how rare? Let’s count.

Generation Next
Dr. Maurice A. Ramirez
Experts like Zig Ziglar have stressed the importance of relationship-building in the workplace and with customers and clients. Generation Next has made this process more efficient and more powerful with technology. One of the major differences between Generation Next and their predecessors is that the relationships adeptly built in the virtual space transfer seamlessly into the physical and business worlds.

Sink or Swim
Thomas Houck
Many business owners are in the same predicament you are. The ones who survive will do so because they’ll take some survival steps as soon as possible and get their ship righted. These steps include: match expenses with income, avoid the temptation to accumulate debt, understand who lays the golden eggs and learn to handle stress. Entrepreneurs have a do-or-die mentality. Focus on the right things and you’ll get through economic challenges.

Be Visible
Patrice Matteson
Building your prospecting pool is “sorting” through people to find those who want to try your products, earn extra income, build a career in networking or secure an alternate retirement plan. Champion networkers are out in the community looking for people whose needs they can fill with the products or opportunity they represent.

Leadership at 26,400 Feet
Chris Warner is a world-class climber who has led more than 150 international mountaineering expeditions. He is also a successful entrepreneur, whose Earth Treks chain of climbing centers serves over 100,000 customers annually. Don Schmincke is a scientist and renegade management specialist whose provocative teachings bring together such diverse disciplines as anthropology, organizational dynamics and genetic evolution. Chris and Don met on an expedition and hit it off immediately, around the question, “What does mountain-climbing reveal about genuine leadership?”

What Creates Leadership?
Donna Johnson, Carolyn Wightman, Marilyn Stewart and her daughter Sarah Stewart share three things in common: they are all women; they are all widely respected networking leaders; and they are all passionate about leadership. As we listened to their stories, we got a strong sense that each of them, from an early age, had an idea of who they were and where they were going in the world. Did they start out that way, or was this a quality that developed over time and circumstance, with the patient nurturing and guidance of a mentor? The answer was: both. We spoke about the feminine and masculine qualities of leadership, and also about the part that’s genderless and purely a matter of character.

A Master’s Journey
Luke Krcil first got involved in network marketing thirteen years ago. His initial experience in the business wasn’t very positive, and for the first four years he kept wondering whether he really wanted to be a networking professional. When he found his current company nine years ago, he finally found a mission he could fully get behind. Today he believes the leverage inherent in the network marketing business model can be used for any purpose in the world, because it allow us to achieve our goals and dreams much more quickly.

A Family Affair
With a Ph.D. in nutrition, Barbara Beaty was a nutritional counselor and teacher when one day a former client handed her a catalog and asked her to evaluate some health and wellness products. After trying the products and loving them, Barbara was immediately comfortable with telling others about them, but she felt almost embarrassed to mention the opportunity. In order to overcome her resistance to network marketing, she chose to educate herself about the business and went on to build a large organization.

The Power of Duplication
The secret to building a successful network marketing business is to have a system consisting of a few simple actions that can be repeated consistently by a large number of people over a continuous period of time. Business partners Dr. Tim Berry and Julie Mirr learned this lesson from Randy Gage and took it to heart. Both successful professionals in their previous careers, today Tim and Julie run a large international organization, allowing them to travel the world, spend more time with their families and serve their local communities.

Why Is My Life Not Changing?
Terry Gogna
We all engage in two types of events or activities every day: present-based and future-based events. Present-based events allow us to maintain a certain level of comfort and happiness. Future-based events are the source of change, as they create a new future. The results of future-based events are often invisible today.

Bob Littell
An effective form of connecting people involves hosting meetings to introduce two or more people to each other. This can happen virtually—you introduce people but are not physically present—or in person, where you are present to introduce the individuals, set the stage for mutual service and end the meeting on a pay-it-forward note.

About Me
Dave Saunders
The profile information associated with your social media accounts provides one of the most important opportunities you have to let other people know about what you do and what you have to offer. The biggest missed opportunity when it comes to social media is leaving your profile information incomplete. This article provides some elements that make for a good profile.

Awakening Leaders
Josephine Gross, Ph.D.
A new form of leadership is emerging, beyond the old duality of leader/follower. Today’s leaders empower people to step into their own leadership and act on it; no profession does this better than network marketing. Daily tune into your inner leadership gifts and validate those gifts in others.