Commemorative T-shirt worn during one of the many network marketing training events we did in South Africa.

MONDAY, 12:48 P.M.

First, picture all the books, tapes and seminars on how to be successful in network marketing. Then, imagine all the manuals and training programs produced by network marketing companies. Now, put all this wisdom into one large pile.

Result? You now have a very big pile of stuff that few people would ever read.

Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce this entire network marketing success library to one simple phrase? This one simple phrase would sum up all you need to know to become a superstar in network marketing. Ready? Here it comes. To be successful in network marketing, all you have to do is:

Build leaders and make them successful.

That’s it. That’s the essence of that enormous body of wisdom.

Ask any network marketer if he has leaders in his group and he’ll reply, “Sure I do. I have a couple of really good people.” Here’s the misconception: really good people aren’t leaders. They are only really good people.

A leader is much more than a good worker, good recruiter or good producer. A network marketing leader is somebody who:

  • makes sure his distributors order product each month;
  • never complains to distributors in his organization;
  • never complains to his upline sponsor or to the company;
  • has his own goals and aspirations;
  • conducts standing opportunity meetings for you when you are away;
  • makes sure the hotel room is taken care of, the product display is set up and the meeting starts on time;
  • is in control of his attitude and doesn’t let outside circumstances get in the way of his success;
  • creates a culture of integrity, character and professionalism;
  • continuously promotes self-development to his organization;
  • has a structured event calendar in place for his team.

This is just the short list.

Network marketing leaders make you financially secure while making your life easy. They enjoy taking responsibility and being in control. They are actually happy when you’re away, so they can do their business peacefully without your interference.

These leaders are rare. Just how rare?

If you have one real leader in your group, you’re financially fortunate. You can easily cover your monthly car and house payments with your network marketing bonus check.

If you have two leaders in your group, you are getting ahead financially at a truly accelerated pace. You’re quickly becoming debt-free and have money to start investing in additional money-producing assets.

If you have three leaders, you no longer need a job. You can now wake up when you’re finished sleeping rather than to an alarm clock.

If you have four leaders, you are very rich—independently wealthy. You have achieved true freedom: you can do what you want, when you want, where you want and with whomever you want.

If you have five, six or seven leaders in your group, you probably miscounted. True leaders are just that rare. Yet counting your leaders is how you measure your success in network marketing.

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The famous “Eggman” of South Africa. That’s a lot of eggs—chicken, ostrich and other varieties.

Whale watching while enjoying a local seafood braai (grill) at the Two Oceans Restaurant uniquely perched high above the crashing waves of the dividing point between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans.

Our modern day “Rat Pack” is now well known in Club Cubana, Cape Town.

The highest point is Maclear’s Beacon at 3,600 feet above sea level, providing us jaw-dropping views of the city.

Only 2,600 miles from Antarctica you can spot baboons, ostriches and yes, penguins!

Celebrating at the Cape of Good Hope, the most Southwestern point of the African continent.
Fur seals on Seal Island. Occasionally great white sharks launch themselves out of the water, hunting for seals.
Leadership bonding with great white sharks while cage diving in Shark Alley.