Jackie Ulmer

How do we lead leaders? Leading leaders is the simple part; the key, and often the challenge, is finding leaders—or, as some would say, creating leaders.

We all know the expression, “Leaders are made, not born.” How are leaders made? Leaders are made when an individual makes a decision to become a leader. Leaders decide to step up to the plate of their own accord and seldom because of something we as their sponsor or upline do or say.

Perhaps the most difficult time in building a network marketing business is when you have stepped into a leadership role and reached a certain level of success, but you are nowhere near your desired goal. You have come too far to quit, yet it still seems like you have a long way to go—and you feel like you’ve hit a plateau.

When distributors reach this point, they often pause and look at their growing team, realizing that it is not growing nearly as fast as they would like it to. They then fall into management mode of the organization. They wonder, “What can I do to motivate my team to keep going and build more quickly? What am I doing wrong? Why do I feel I should be doing more for my team and more to create leaders?”

These are some of the most frequent questions I receive from my leaders. I usually respond with another question: “What was it that I did, or your sponsor did, to motivate you to grow your business, educate yourself, invest in your business and become a leader?”

The answer is always the same: nothing. It wasn’t about me, or what I needed to do or say to motivate others to go after their dreams. It was their inner desire and their own “why” that inspired them to get on the training calls, dust off and read that training manual, attend company events and seek further education and knowledge from other networking professionals.

We don’t need to take our aspiring leaders through a special training program or system; we just need to continue minding our own business—keep sponsoring people and bring in new blood. We need to show our team through our actions that we believe so strongly in our opportunity that we are still out there sharing it with the world.

Your leaders need to hear you on conference calls, see you at company events, read your emails or newsletter promoting this book or that training site.

Much like our children, your leaders will do what you do and not what you say. Lead by your own strong, positive example and let that set the pace. Grow your own leadership and your leaders will follow.

 JACKIE ULMER is a network marketing veteran, author and coach.
She’s used the Internet to build her network marketing business up to a
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