Jordan Adler

You read that right. To become a great leader, don’t work with your people! As a leader, your job is 1) to lead by example and 2) to help people get started in their new businesses.

Leading by example simply means doing yourself what you expect your people to do. Sometimes newer, frustrated distributors tell me they are trying to motivate their people and no one is doing anything. Motivating your people is not what you need to do as a leader, and it’s definitely not what you want your team members to do.

You want your team members to meet new people, introduce the business to them and sign them up. This is how we grow a network marketing organization. Set an example worth duplicating. Be a role model for growth in your business.

Your business is made up of a lot of individuals doing a few simple things every day. You do a little and each of your team members does a little, and soon you have a lot of people each doing a little.

Your second role as a leader is to help each new person you introduce to your program get started in their business. Let’s take a look at the difference between “working with someone” and “helping someone get started.”

To make big money in network marketing, you want to have a large network of thousands of independent entrepreneurs all taking full responsibility for their own businesses. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Here’s the problem. As soon as you start working with your people, you’ve begun to limit the growth of your team. You’ll only have time to work with a handful of people. If you keep working with those who need your help, you’ll never grow your business to a size worthy of producing big income—because at any given time, there are always way more people who “need” your help than you can physically find time to help. There will always be many people who want your help but aren’t ready to take responsibility for their own businesses and lead a team. The key words to remember are “help them get started.”

I recently met up with a good friend I hadn’t seen in a year. He’s been with his company for three years and he’s making a great part-time income. We were at a sporting event with three of his “key guys.” During the event they were talking about doing a trade show together the following week. He told me he was working with them at the show to meet people. I had met these three guys about two years ago. All three had been promoted twice in his company. He also told me confidentially that he’s tired of making part-time income and wants to make a big five-figure monthly income. He seemed to be confused about how to graduate from a small passive income to a big passive income. It was clear to me what he needed to do. He needed to stop working with his people! He needed to get some new people started.

Here’s the pattern for strong growth: meet new people, show them the business, sign them up, help them get started. Meet new people, show them the business, sign them up, help them get started. Repeat.

Do this over and over again for two to three years and you’ll have a thriving business. You can even look for people way down deep in your organization who have not gotten off to a good start and help them get started.

Avoid this pattern: meet new people, show them the business, sign them up, work with them week after week, month after month.

Here are my answers to some common questions related to this topic:

Q: Am I abandoning my people if I’m constantly bringing in new people and not working with the original members of my team?

A: No! You will be offering opportunities to bring people together on a regular basis. As your team grows, you most likely will be leading training sessions and conference calls. You will see your group at events and also be doing many individual coaching sessions with the people in your group.

Q: I believe in really getting to know my team members, and I like working with them as a team. Should I stop doing this?

A: As you make friends with the members of your team, I encourage you to do fun things with them on a regular basis. Hang out with those who become your friends. But keep in mind that your business growth happens as a result of bringing in new distributors and customers.

Q: I have a team of people who are not doing anything. I call them and invite them to events and they don’t show up. They tell me they are excited and that they will be on our conference call, but then they never dial in. What should I do?

A: Stop trying to motivate them. Stop trying to get them to go to work. It’s most likely not a problem with you or your company. Many people just sign up and for whatever reason, the timing is just not right for them. The best way to motivate them is to be a great example, keep building your team and make a lot of money. They will watch you and some will want what you have as a result of growing your team.

My philosophy is to find the few leaders who are ready to go to work and help them get started. The leaders tend to find themselves. I have found that when the timing isn’t right, there is really nothing I can do to get someone to go to work. When the timing is right, usually I couldn’t stop them from working if I wanted to.


JORDAN ADLER didn’t make a penny in the business until
his twelfth company. After eleven attempts in ten years, he finally
figured it out and today he makes seven figures per year. Jordan trains
his team to use the simple fundamentals of networking. He splits his time
between Chicago, Illinois and Phoenix, Arizona but also regularly
finds time for the mountains and the beach.