Growth or Protection
In order to attract others into your business and your life, actively seek joyful, loving and fulfilling experiences that stimulate growth and help you stay connected to your highest vision for yourself, your organization and our world.

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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on prospecting and the art of making friends.

Our Times
A panel of four guest commentators ponders the question, “How do you help someone become a natural networker?”

2009 New Year’s Revolutions
Michael Guld
We often see New Year’s resolutions as a difficult exercise, requiring discipline, determination and will power—not exactly energizing words. New Year’s revolutions are personal and broader in scope than the traditional resolutions. They can help you stay inspired (not merely disciplined) and produce long-term results.

I Don’t Have Anybody to Talk to …
Art Jonak
Many distributors complain about not having any prospects. No matter what we tell them, they feel there is nothing they can do about it. Yet circumstances are exactly the same for the whining distributor as for the successful “lucky” distributor. The difference is those “lucky” distributors say and do the right things.

Out of the Ashes, Americans Will Rise
Andrew Warburton
In memory of the early settlers, every American needs to participate in rebuilding our economy based on an entrepreneurial spirit that respects the rights of all. Happiness isn’t a right, only the freedom to pursue happiness is. As we gain strength we will gather up the weak on our wings, for we are all for one and one for all.

Install New Paradigms to Reprogram Success
David Krueger, M.D.
Greater success initially registers as discomfort. Especially if the results go outside your self-image, this cues an internal thermostat to return you to your comfort zone. Read present anxiety as a signpost of moving ahead without familiar landmarks in a new experience. Learn to reprogram your brain for lasting success.

Patience, Passion and Personal Branding
Over the last few years, Gary Vaynerchuk has transformed himself from manager of his dad’s New Jersey liquor store into a TV personality, cultural phenomenon and the world’s best known “social media sommelier.” His daily web-based wine-tasting shows on WineLibraryTV.com (WLTV) draw audiences of 80,000 and up. As The Guardian put it, “Gary Vaynerchuk is on his way to becoming the online Oprah.” Gary devotes a good deal of his boundless energy to being an evangelist for what he calls “social business.” He is convinced we’ve slipped over a threshold into an age where authenticity pays, personal passion equals power, and where, when you build brand equity, anything can happen.

Master the Spares
Bob Burg has been a regular contributor to Networking Times since its inception. A perennial favorite speaker and trainer among networking audiences, Bob is author of the classic Endless Referrals: Network Your Everyday Contacts into Sales, and the underground bestseller Winning Without Intimidation. His latest book, The Go-Giver (coauthored with John David Mann) became a Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek bestseller and has been translated into sixteen foreign languages. Bob built his career and lives his life based on the premise that as long as you provide value and touch a whole lot of lives, you have no choice but to grow very, very wealthy.

The MORE Project
The MORE Project is a nonprofit organization entirely funded by a network marketing company through donations and volunteer activities. The company’s founder Dallin Larson always wanted to give back to the country of Brazil, because the key ingredient in his company’s product, the açai berry, happens to be found in the Brazilian rainforest along the Amazon river. The company’s founders made the two-way flow of giving and receiving an integral part of its corporate culture.

Roadmap to Success
Ken Dunn was a Canadian police officer when he got involved in network marketing. He had always been an entrepreneur at heart and when his son was born, Ken started looking for ways to create additional income. Little did he know that his journey in network marketing would also lead him to examine his character and evaluate his relationships. Ken recently wrote a book and started a training company to teach people the “Secrets of Simplicity” that helped him become the natural networker he is today.

It’s Not Work—It’s My Life!
Donna Sims first encountered direct sales when a corporate district manager recruited her while she was in college. When Donna got married, she continued knocking on doors as a hobby but her husband was not supportive of her business. During the week of 9/11, Donna found herself in a crisis, which led her to recognize the opportunity of building a networking business. She jumped in with both feet and today she is well on her way to living the life of her dreams.

The Psychology of Belief
Sharif Khan
Door-to-door sales provides people with an education in mental strength training, resilience, hard work, and most of all—Belief 101. Here are some key strategies that can help sales professionals: mentally rehearse a successful outcome; check negative thoughts at the door; don’t take rejection personally; and assume the sale.

Planning Ahead
Steven W. Allen, Esq.
An estate planning attorney describes the five fatal mistakes business owners make: 1) not having a limited liability company; 2) not treating your business like a business; 3) comingling your money; 4) not having a living trust to hold your business entity; 5) not taking advantage of your business tax deductions.

Good Clothes = Good Days
Pat Heydlauff
If business isn’t going your way or your productivity has dropped dramatically, take a close look at your clothes. What you put on in the morning sets the tone and success energy level for the rest of your day. Color, shape and design provide great positive energy if they are in alignment with your energy needs for the day.  

Shocking News: Leads Don’t Work
Tracy Monteforte
Targeted market leads are hot! Unlike friends and family, these people have already raised their hands. They’re actively looking for an opportunity, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time convincing or enlightening them to the fact that they need a change. Learn the skills to effectively work targeted market leads.

Make Your Web Site Smarter
Heather Lutze
Only after you maximize your SEO and PPC should you redesign your web site or engage in other Internet marketing endeavors. While SEO and PPC are in-depth and intense activities for a business to undertake, they are the foundation of any good web site that effectively converts prospects into paying customers.

Love and Residual
John David Mann
Residual income is like love. They both defy the entropy of time. They last. “Unlike my father, most of us will never receive royalties from a classic textbook or music composition we wrote. That’s where network marketing comes in. I call it royalties for the rest of us.”