The Art of Thinking

“Tell me what you want,” says Bob Proctor, “and I will show you how to get it.”

If you have seen The Secret, then you are already familiar with Bob Proctor—but you may have a few questions that have gone unanswered… until now!

Since the 1960s Bob Proctor has been creating programs designed to help people redefine who they are and reprogram how they think. Now, for the first time, Bob agreed to be interviewed in an intimate setting and answer the questions many have had on their minds. The result is The Art of Thinking, a distillation of Bob’s teachings compiled in multimedia format so anyone can understand, practice and master the science of creating a prosperous and fulfilling life.

Bob was a high school dropout, spent some time in the navy and got stuck in one dead-end job after another, until one day a friend introduced him to Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich. Thanks to the impact of Hill’s words, Bob was able to start a business, which he grew to international scope in his first year of operation.

“Without any formal education or business experience,” says Bob, “my income went from $4,000 a year to over $1,000,000 a year. I was so stunned by what happened that I couldn’t just enjoy the fruits of my labor, I wanted to know why it happened.”

Bob wanted to find out how we create success, and his quest took him to the Nightingale-Conant organization, where he worked with Earl Nightingale for five years. As soon as Bob became successful at applying what he learned in his own life, he started teaching it to others, and he is still doing so today.

The Art of Thinking is an interview series that offers forty years worth of experience and wisdom—all in a box. Here are some of the things you’ll learn:

The Art of Thinking is not just something you watch; it is something you study. Bob’s teachings have changed many lives, and the beauty of this program is that you get to experience them from your home at your own pace.

Box includes 6 DVDs, 9 CDs and 2 workbooks; $197.00;
LifeSuccess Productions, 2008