John D. Mann/M.Inderbitzin

After six weeks, Bertram was stumped by Jack's repeated refusal to
join his business. It never occurred to Bertram that when
his sponsor said, "Make at least ten calls a day,"
he meant those calls should be to
different people.

by Mel Sevindik

5 Sincere, eager
8 Announce, declare
10 Contend, rival
11 Orderly, tidy
14 Faithful, devoted
16 Communicate with and within a group
17 Accomplish, perform
18 Capability to act or function effectively
19 Perfect in quality or nature
20 Important event

1 Comfort, consolation
2 Shine, radiate
3 Revenue, gain
4 Choices, freedoms, authorization
6 Only, solitary
7 Unite, associate
9 Entice, attract
12 Appreciative, thankful
13 Program in execution
15 Approach

Puzzle Answers