We’ve heard it all when it comes to working with leads:

These leads suck. Nobody is home. No one has any money. People are rude. They hung up on me. I get too many no–shows. They’ve received ten other offers before I called them.

Blah, blah, blah …

It’s absolutely true, leads don’t work. You work leads! If you don’t know how to work the leads properly, they’re not worth the paper they’re printed on.

One of the favorite arguments among network marketers is whether it’s more effective to work with a warm or a cold market. My motto is, “Be about your business,” and never let a good prospect fall through the cracks. Warm or cold, there are great prospects everywhere.

There are actually three types of leads: warm, cold and targeted. Warm leads are people you already know. Cold leads are people you don’t know (yet). Targeted leads are people who have responded to an advertisement or otherwise indicated they are looking for an opportunity.

The Beauty of Targeted Leads

Targeted market leads are my favorite. Better then warm, they are hot! Unlike friends and family, these people have already raised their hands. They’re actively looking for an opportunity, so you don’t have to spend a lot of time convincing or enlightening them to the fact that they need a change. Their door is already open.

I also love working targeted-market leads because:

Some of our very best friends were once “cold market” leads. Take La Donna Hill, for example. Her name was on a list we purchased, so we called her at her home out in the Arkansas countryside.

We could tell she had the attitudes and skills we were looking for, yet she took a year to join us. With our auto-responders and a good contact manager to remind us to check in with her, we kept La Donna in our pipeline. We didn’t sit around waiting for her, as we had plenty of other leads and our business was growing fast (18,000 people in thirty countries in eighteen months), but one day La Donna was ready to join.

That was ten years ago, and we’ve been making each other money every since. The best part is that today we’re like family. La Donna came with her own warm market, so now many of her people work with us, too! We taught La Donna the skills to work targeted market leads, and she’s been duplicating the process ever since.

What are the skills you need to work targeted market leads effectively?

Positive Mental Attitude (PMA). It’s vital that you plug into a team and training program that is motivating and uplifting. The fact that you’re reading this article in this publication proves that you’re feeding your head positive thoughts. Be mindful of what you watch and listen to every day. Practice prosperity thinking and an attitude of gratitude. People will be attracted to you like iron filings to a magnet.

Non-Attachment to Outcome. You’ve got the cookie! You’re not looking for everybody. You’re only looking for a few people who are positive, motivated and coachable. Go for the quick sort and spend your time with qualified prospects only.

Rapport Building. Having a good phone script (or two) is important, but even more crucial is your ability to listen authentically and relate to what your prospect is telling you. Being unattached and listening without an agenda will help your prospect feel comfortable and trust you. Think about how you like to be treated and treat your prospects with the same respect.

Contact Manager. Regardless of lead type, you are building a database. Your database is your most valuable asset. A lot of people mistakenly think they should work through their leads one time and then throw the list away. What if we had done that with La Donna? It takes people an average of six weeks to decide to join a business. You must have a good contact management system in place to keep track of your prospects. If you try to depend on Post-It® notes or a spiral notepad, you’re going to let a lot of great prospects fall through the cracks.

Follow-Up System. Make sure you have a good follow-up system in place that includes scheduled phone calls, auto-responder messages and even snail-mail postcards to stay in touch with your prospects. Your thorough and creative follow-up will stand out for a prospect who is deluged with a sea of opportunities.

Plenty of Leads. Always keep your pipeline full. It’s easy to stay unattached to any one person’s decision when you have hundreds of people to contact. The more unattached you are, the more you’ll attract others.

Keep It Fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re doing something wrong. Every dialing session is an adventure in meeting new people. Stay light-hearted, unattached, authentic and focused on helping others. Get a free conference line and have dialing-for-dollars sessions with your team. It’s fun! Set a goal for yourself before each dialing session (i.e., how long you’ll call, how many calls you’ll make, how many you’ll put in the pipeline, etc.). Then celebrate when you hit your goal.

Whether you use the warm or the “hot” market, the more you do it, the better you will become at it—and the faster your business will grow. No matter what, keep it simple, keep it fun and never, ever give up!

TRACY MONTEFORTE is cofounder of WTPowers.com, an automated
support system helping network marketers in over sixty countries to
succeed in their home-based businesses. Tracy is also a Master Results Coach
and conducts monthly Dialing-for-Dollars Webinar workshops. Her mission is
to teach network marketers how to work 100 percent
from home using the Internet and the telephone.