Imagine the first settlers staring at the new continent from their wooden ships—a continent we now call North America. Fleeing the monarchic regimes of the old world, these settlers had a vision for freedom they refused to renounce.

Several centuries later Americans permanently sealed their rights in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights: freedom to assemble, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to petition the government, freedom of the press.

Within another 150 years many Americans had traded their freedom for a new type of monarchy, a new type of ruling class. The pioneers became settlers, the settlers became managers and the managers became employees of corporate America. Many great American success stories emerged from the Industrial and Technological Revolutions,

including IBM and Xerox, Boeing and Ford. We also proved that everything good could be used very badly.

The Vulnerability of Consumerism

Americans traded their freedom for job security, their independence for a pension, their individuality for loyalty to a corporate image. Our highest-level financial executives traded their integrity to manipulate earnings reports, thus protecting their own wealth and the wealth of the Boards of Directors that had become the new ruling class of the Americas.

The children of these new managers developed vulnerability—an insatiable appetite for the things their ruling classes made. They were willing to borrow beyond their means to buy them, thus becoming more subservient. The financial executives ruthlessly sold off the future of Americans—and we bought it. We as a nation lost our freedom and our passion. Soon less than 50 percent would show up to vote in the country our forefathers gave up their lives to form.

Many of the institutions we took for granted have now crumbled and more will crumble soon. The pension funds for which we traded our independence are bankrupt; the executives we trusted are on trial; the homes we “owned” are repossessed or devalued; the financial executives’ money interests ended up influencing our elected officials, who, as a result, created wars and a nation on the brink of bankruptcy, all the while bailing out the very institutions which brought on these troubles and paid for “our” elected officials campaigns.

Out of these ashes the eagle will rise—the eagle residing within the hearts of millions of Americans. Out of these ashes the vision and passion of the early settlers will again be voiced on the steps of Capitol Hill.

Old Longing—New Hope

In the midst of all this an extraordinary business development took place in the 1950s. A longing had emerged from the hearts of working Americans—a longing to be paid what we deserved, to work to our own schedule, to develop economic opportunity without boundaries, to break away from corporate domination so once again individuals would be free to live, earn and prosper.

A company was formed with a new distribution system that was vehemently contested by the established order but that was nevertheless American to the core. Several other companies followed this model and we called it network marketing.

Once again Americans could start their own businesses with very little capital.

Once again Americans could assemble when and where they wanted.

Once again Americans could build their own businesses with creative thought, honest relationships and visionary determination: all for one and one for all.

Today we have an obligation to promote this business model with integrity for we present to Americans a means to financial freedom, the dream of their forefathers.

Do not be afraid as the Dow tumbles and the lawns of America turn brown. No longer will Americans take for granted the freedom their forefathers won. The smoldering spirit of America will be fanned into flames. The voice of the people will be heard again. We will exchange debt for determination and greed for freedom.

Rebuilding Our Economy and Political System

Participation by all is vital as we repair and rebuild. Purposeful statesmen inked “We the People” into the Constitution to protect your rights and mine against authoritarian forms of government. Our forefathers were inspired to live life, protect liberty and pursue happiness. We must participate in the system they established so our children can enjoy the same inalienable rights.

Checks and balances in government were the brilliant innovation of our forefathers. The executive, the judiciary and the legislature all worked together for the good of the people and the betterment of the nation. These checks and balances have been manipulated and exploited by special interest groups, wealthy individuals, corporate entities and selfish political professionals. The rights of hard-working Americans have been violated by those who have leveraged our banking system and indebted our nation, simultaneously seizing power and wealth for their own account.

We must participate energetically in the business and the future of America. We must create a new economy built with an entrepreneurial spirit that respects the rights of all.

I invite you to participate in your future and say with me:

“I will rise from my troubles,”

“I will honor my freedom.”

“I will climb the mountain of success.”

“As I gain strength I will gather up the weak on my wings, for we are all for one and one for all.”

“I am an American, I am an eagle; I am rising from the ashes and I will soar.”


ANDREW WARBURTON is a European immigrant who
relishes and promotes the opportunities America provides.
An international speaker, former TV and Radio host and
consistent Top 1 percent Realtor® on a national level,
Andrew resides with his family in Southern California.