Annette Warburton

We talk about “Plan A” and “Plan B” in networking. Plan A is your job and lifestyle now. Plan B is the new life you develop with your network marketing career. The goal is to replace A with B.

I always encourage people to excel in their Plan A so their Plan B will develop more rapidly and more naturally. Neglecting your Plan A too soon cuts you off from those you can sponsor naturally. Leaving your Plan A isolates you from the flow of people essential to building a large organization naturally.

My Plan A is to be connected to other people, whatever I do. My grandparents taught me to love—my mother and I are as close as the oak to the acorn. I will always be there for my friends. Need something? Call me. Rainy day? Allow me to smile on your parade! In network marketing, our teams are a reflection of who we are and how we live.

When you earn respect and credibility in your Plan A, sponsoring becomes a inevitable occurrence. If you are in sales, sell consistently; learn your profession so others come to you when they need an answer. If you are a busy stay-at-home parent, show up to school early; know the school schedule; help out at events. If you attend a church, serve others, stay away from arguments and be the go-to person when a job needs doing.

Be the person others look to when they need help or advice. If you are vibrant and attractive in your office, in your moms’ group, at the bowling alley or at the gym, then you will be a great sponsor. People will think, “If she’s good at this (Plan A), then I should listen to her about that (Plan B).” It’s a natural progression.

When people look up to you, they will follow you. Long-term success has very little to do with your money or the size of your car—it has to do with who you are. When you are motivated by “getting” you will attract “getters.” Your team will go out and try to “get” others so that they can “get” more for themselves. If you make it, you will be lonely—it’s lonely at the top for “getters.”

Care for others; model excellence; go the extra mile. Your availability, your generosity, your humility and your consistency will be an inspiration to others. Your team will gather just like you gather. It’s happy at the top for gatherers.

Live life to the fullest. Be a natural magnet. When people ask you what makes you so happy, tell them! When your life is attractive to others, your business will be attractive to them, too. People will join your business because they want to be like you.


A loving wife and mother, college graduate and career woman,
ANNETTE WARBURTON discovered network marketing in 2005.
Her product knowledge and genuine commitment to others brought
success at an accelerated pace. She is passionate about fanning into flames
the desire for success that burns within the hearts of others by
sponsoring, teaching and helping them build the American dream.