Patrice Matteson

One of the biggest mistakes people make in network marketing and direct sales is… not being direct. Since contacts are our number one secret to success, we need to be clear and straightforward in our conversations.

When we make prospecting calls, the first few words in the conversation are critical to the success of the call. When you pick up the phone, be sure you know your reason for calling. If you want to share about a new product, simply say, “The reason I am calling is we have introduced a new product to our line and I instantly thought of you because …” People appreciate knowing what your intentions are, what you have to offer them and how you can fill their needs.

You can be direct and personal. By having a clear process—and becoming comfortable and efficient in that process—you will become con-fident. This confidence will enable you to listen to others and not feel you need to tell them everything about your products and company. By asking fact-finding questions you will reveal their needs, opinions, hopes and dreams.

An open-ended question such as, “What would you do with an extra $1,000 per month?” will get you closer to your goal than telling your prospect why you think your company has the best compensation plan in the market. Talking less and asking good questions takes the focus off you. As you become a better listener, you will discover opportunities and needs your product or service can fill. You will find yourself talking more about what is important to the other person and less about what is important to you.

We have no control over how people respond to us or whether they will buy our products. We do have control over how we choose to present ourselves and our products. You can choose to “wing it” in your presentations, but if you don’t know what you are going to do or say, the situation, circumstances or emotions take control. A better alternative is to implement a process of communication and apply good spoken techniques while working on making them flow naturally. It takes practice to master presentation techniques, but in time you will become more poised and natural.

Random processes bring random results. Have a plan for your conversations, fact-finding, presentations and closes. Trust the plan, become confident in it, and work the plan. You will become a comfortable, confident and natural networker.


PATRICE MATTESON, M.Ed. is a speaker, trainer and consultant
in the areas of sales processes, activity management and telephone techniques.
She is the author of two books,
Mom’s on the Phone and Be Visible (featured on p. 8).
Patrice shares her unique blend of real life experiences, sound fundamentals
and humor with live audiences and on radio and television.