It’s a new year! How about a year of natural networking?

Being a natural networker means naturally expanding your contact list by getting out and participating in life. Meet like-minded people by enjoying what life has to offer, whether it’s exercising your body at the gym or expanding your mind at the community college. Deepen relationships with like-spirited friends by attending a place of worship that inspires you. Stretch yourself by volunteering in your community in new ways and supporting causes you care about.

Every day we are confronted with myriads of opportunities to contribute to others’ lives. As people tell you their stories of everyday challenges, it is simple and rewarding to ask, “How can I be supportive?” By listening fully, you’ll discover connections among your friends and acquaintances, and ways in which they can benefit each other and be mutually supportive. They will remember your timely follow-through to make a simple connection for them. These people can become the best lead generators for your business.

Are you an introvert and need support to find your voice and reach out? Are you an extrovert and find your voice out of control? Networking University offers classes and free resources to help you connect naturally with others in a professional and dignified manner. All of us in this profession engage in continuous learning to strengthen who we are and how we present ourselves. We are committed to having fun while we learn and build our businesses. People love to have fun! When you speak in a joyful and dignified way about what you do, people will be attracted to you. And make no mistake: people are attracted first to you, then to your business.

As professional networkers, we are in a continuous process of becoming. Every day we wake up to the opportunity to become even more of who we aspire to be. That’s one of the things that juices me most about what I do. You know you have become a professional when networking becomes who you are naturally instead of what you do.

Let the terrific master teachers at Networking University inspire and educate you to achieve your dreams with a natural flair that dignifies you and the networking profession.

Remember: education changes everything.

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University