The Heart of Business
The heart of business is where financial security, creativity and productivity meet with compassion, truth and vision. When business becomes about wholeness and relatedness, everything changes. When the heart opens, the hand opens, and the river of giving and receiving flows freely.

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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on love and work.

A panel of four guest commentators ponders the question, "Does love pay?"

Think R.E.A.D.Y.
John Baker
Change creates opportunity for growth. But why do we resist change? Why is it that when change happens, oftentimes our first reaction is to dig in our heels? Some people consistently find winning strategies during times of uncertainty. They see change not as a threat but as an opportunity, full not of peril but of possibility.

The Power of Tithing
Thomas J. Hayes
When you commit to tithing, you program your subconscious mind that "there is more than I need." With that mindset, you attract people, circumstances, friends and opportunities that would never become available to someone in a scarcity mindset. True prosperity has a spiritual basis. Give to God and He will bless what's left.

The Art and Neuroscience of Marketing
David Krueger, M.D.
Why do people begin a new endeavor with excitement, then stall or lose interest a few weeks later? What can you do to sustain interest and successfully complete goals for yourself and for your organization? The answers reside in understanding mind maps and brain business to create new mindsets and belief systems.

Bringing Consciousness to Work
Stacey Lawson is a powerful businesswoman and an ardent spiritual seeker. She is cofounder of the Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (CET) at U.C. Berkeley, where she teaches entrepreneurship and new venture creation to young people with an emphasis on conscious business practices and social responsibility. Stacey's mission is to further the principles of social enterprise, sustainability, awakened leadership and personal mastery within our business, media and political institutions. Her vision is to create conscious and enlightened organizations where people are encouraged to fully engage, recognizing work as a part of their awakening process and a path to self-realization.

The True Nature of Business
Leonard Laskow, M.D., has a distinguished career in medicine. A Stanford-trained physician, he is a Life Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology, a founding diplomat of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, and has served on the faculty of the University of California at San Francisco. But his true career path emerged from an entirely unexpected direction. Over the past twenty-five years, Dr. Laskow has also established himself as one of the leading researchers and teachers in the healing power of love. He talks about his extraordinary journey and the true nature of business as an expression of unconditional love.

Filling Empty Bowls
Thirty years ago, Larry Jones and his wife Frances began operating a volunteer charity effort from their kitchen table. In the decades since, Feed The Children has grown to become one of the world's largest private charitable organizations dedicated to helping hungry and hurting people. Feed The Children has provided food and other essentials to children and families affected by hunger, poverty and natural disasters in 118 countries around the world. Feed The Children has a program through which they take large donations of product from a network marketing company and distribute it to needy people.

The Entrepreneur Academy
Justin Yates encountered network marketing when he was twenty-eight, while working as a project manager for a health insurance company in Utah. Dissatisfied with his lifestyle and the lack of opportunity in the corporate world, Justin found a flyer on his Honda Civic one day that said, "Work from home and love it." He called the number and in addition to finding an unexpected business opportunity, he found a mentor.

Launching a Leadership Revolution
Orrin Woodward and Chris Brady head up a multimillion-dollar business focusing on leadership development and Internet commerce. They authored a Wall Street Journal bestseller, Launching a Leadership Revolution, teaching timeless principles inspired by historic figures such as Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth and the Apostle Paul. Orrin and Chris's organization has been recognized as one of the fastest growing in the history of network marketing. Their goal is to reach at least a million people and teach them the formula to "have fun, make money and make a difference."

The Go-Giver Posture
Bob Burg and John David Mann
The degree to which you add value to the lives of others is the degree to which you yourself will prosper. Imbue your posture with the convictions that go with the value you provide, and you'll find your perspective will become contagious. Many prospects out there will be only too happy to do business with you.

Welcome to the Party
Jackie Ulmer
Learn how to profit from today's most visited online marketing venues: message boards, forums and social networking sites. These communities are the "water cooler" of the Internet, where people gather and share ideas. The secret to mastering online recruiting is to show up regularly, offer value and have integrity.

Presenting for Profit
Randy Gage
There is a fine line between being an inspirational presenter and crossing over into "superhero no one can duplicate" territory. Becoming a front-of-the-room presenter should be an intermediate step, on the way to seeing your people become presenters themselves and eventually replicating the process with their own people.

The ABC's of Selling
Harvey Mackay
After a lifetime in sales and years of helping young hopefuls get started in their careers. Harvey Mackay shares the words of his alphabet book of sales, from A to Z. Some things never change - including the importance of knowing how to treat your customers and what really matters in your relationships.

Being in Love
John David Mann
When you go prospecting, look for someone who falls in love with your opportunity. What are the signs? They see it, they want it and they take action. You can't make them see it, want it or do it. You can't make someone fall in love. And when they do, watch out: nothing will stop them.