When most of us consider giving, we usually think only in terms of time or money, things we would like to share but barely have enough of for ourselves. “But we have far more to give than we realize,” say Azim Jamal and Harvey McKinnon, “and we stand to benefit more from giving than we can begin to imagine.”

Azim Jamal was born in Tanzania, educated in Kenya and the U.K., and became a professional accountant. After a life-changing experience volunteering in the developing world, he decided to make the switch from “accounting for business” to “accounting for life.” Today Azim is the founder and chairman of Corporate Sufi Worldwide, Inc., a company which specializes in helping individuals and corporations unleash potential and regain balance.

Harvey McKinnon is one of North America’s top fund-raising experts. An inspirational speaker, author and trainer, he has helped to raise hundreds of millions of dollars for nonprofits, from Amnesty International to the Canadian Cancer Society to UNICEF.

In The Power of Giving, Jamal and McKinnon take us beyond the idea that giving just means donating money and expand it to include the giving of kindness, ideas, advice, attention, skills, time, laughter, hope, love, touch, and much more. This easy-to-use guide also helps us understand why we should give and what each of us has to give—as well as to whom, how, when, and how much to give.

Equally as significant as the difference giving makes in the lives of others is the difference it makes in our own lives, with benefits ranging from the practical, such as improved health and professional connections, to the intangible, like hope and a sense of connection with others.

Full of personal stories, inspirational ideas and thought-provoking exercises that help readers discover what they have to give and how to best give it, this book shows how the act of giving is a fundamental human need with the power to enrich all our lives. With special sections on corporate giving, teaching children how to give, giving forgiveness, giving what we need to receive, and giving wisely for maximum impact and benefit, this is a must-read for anyone interested in improving the world—and improving their own lives in the process.

Giving isn’t just a luxury for those of us with more time or money than we know what to do with. Giving is something we all can engage—in every moment of our life and in every circumstance we encounter.

The Power of Giving starts and finishes as a giving project: all proceeds go to the Tides Foundation and Tides Canada—nonprofit organizations that promote social justice, economic opportunity and a sustainable environment across North America.

Read this little treasure and share it with others. “If everyone followed the advice given in this book,” says Jack Canfield, “our world would be a richer, more equitable and peaceful place.”

Hardcover, 208 pages, $22.95;
Tarcher/Penguin, 2008