When you see a book on creativity, do you think of poems, paintings and fashion design? Most people associate creative genius with artists, but this book demonstrates that creativity and inspiration are also at the heart of business success.

What is the source of creative inspiration and how can we better harness it in our businesses and our lives?

“It’s not pure brain power,” says Scott Jeffrey. “Genius creativity results from freeing your mind to wander. So relax, take a shower, go for a stroll, brainstorm while exercising or write madly on a napkin. Whatever gets you out of your own head, go do it—allow your mind to play.”

Creativity Revealed ponders questions such as: Where do thoughts come from? Why are some people more creative than others? What do all creative geniuses throughout time have in common?

Creativity does not arise as a consequence of a technique or step-by-step strategy. However, by understanding the nature of the creative impulse, we open the pathway to greater inspiration.

Trying to be more creative is a sure way to limit your creativeness,” says Jeffrey. “Instead, eliminate the blocks to your inner creativity and watch it flow more freely into your life.” Some of the ways he recommends to help the process are:

Why is creativity more important today than ever before, especially group creativity in the business world?

“Nothing will translate to the bottom line more than increasing a business’s creative output,” says Jeffrey.

He explores how you can create an organizational culture that’s more conducive to creative inspiration; how to identify and remove blocks to creativity; the pitfalls of group creativity and potential solutions to overcome them; how to transcend conflict; and how to redefine what’s a problem and to quickly overcome obstacles.

With a foreword by Dr. David R. Hawkins, bestselling author of Power vs. Force, this book is recommended for anyone who thinks and communicates for a living. Although a bit more erudite and challenging than most business books, the rewards of comprehending the information can be transformative for any business leader.

Hardcover, 295 pages, $24.95;
Creative Crayon Publishers, 2008