Love always works, if you are referring to authentic love and not an illusion. In order to tap into the power of true love, start by looking within, rather than being dependent on outward circumstances or other people.

Dr. John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus and Why Mars and Venus Collide, says, “When you are true to yourself and in touch with your authentic feelings, wishes and desires, you are connecting to your true self. The natural state of every person is joy, love, confidence and peace. These attributes are already present inside you. When you are unhappy, anxious, feeling bad or experiencing any blocks, you are temporarily disconnected from your true self in some way.”

He adds, “Your experience in the world will continue to reflect your inner state. This means that you are able at any time to experience the reflection of joy, love, confidence, peace and abundance as you take back your power to determine how you choose to experience the world. Rather than looking to others to meet your needs, real love is an open recognition that in this moment you have everything you need to move in the direction of getting more of what you deserve.”

Start by giving yourself the choices that allow the goodness that is in you to flow through to others. The more we choose for ourselves the things we need to be happy and healthy, the more we have to give. When we recognize the abundance we already have, and accept all that is available to us, we experience love and joy. These qualities are contagious and attract abundance in business and in life.

One definition of love includes the willingness to extend ourselves for our own or another’s growth. The more we are willing to do the “harder right” (for example, making sleep, nutrition, personal fitness and continuous learning our highest priorities) while avoiding the “easier wrong,” the more fit we are to personify leadership with the energy it takes to lead.

Think of the greatest leaders in your life who have inspired you to make positive choices. Be like those leaders! Set that shining example for others and you will find that the right people and opportunities will find you. When the student is ready, the teacher appears, and when the teacher is ready, the students show up.

The recognition of the limitless resources that are ours to enjoy and share is the core of our opportunity to experience abundance. When you allow the goodness you receive to flow through you to others, you will experience ongoing joy, love, confidence, peace and abundance.

SHERRIE NATTRASS co-hosts two weekly online television
shows with Dr. John Gray. Featured on CNN and national
radio, in
Newsweek-sponsored health shows and women’s
newsstand magazines, Sherrie is now focused on
providing personal growth through online learning.