Love is energy. When you love what you do and love the people you do it for, you create the highest level of vibration. This attracts riches beyond your imagination.

In my years of coaching successful entrepreneurs and business owners, I’ve discovered a strong similarity between building a business and being in love.

The one core ingredient you need to build and maintain a successful business is to be in love with your business and the dream you have for it. How do you know it’s love? Look for the following three symptoms:

1. Chemistry.
You can’t explain chemistry. You can’t manifest it. You can’t force it. It just is. Chemistry is like a supernatural force that magnetizes you and pulls you in. It is the initial ingredient to being in love—and it is the first step in building your business. Here are some questions to help identify the chemistry in your business:

If you answered affirmatively, you’re on the right track. Chemistry will attract you to your soul mate—and to your soul career.

2. Consistent preoccupation.
Think back to when you first met your spouse or your life partner. Remember how you found yourself thinking of that person all the time! You’d wake up in the morning and think of him or her. You’d go to school or work and think of that person. You’d find yourself thinking about the other’s safety even before you’d think about your own.

This is the second stage of being in love, and of building a successful business. You don’t have to remember to think about the business, you just do—all the time! You’re in love with the concept. You’re consumed with the idea. It creates passion.

3. Willingness to do the outrageous
Again, think back to when you first fell in love. You did crazy things. You were bold. You found untapped courage inside you didn’t even know was there! Nothing was a burden; doing things for and with that person brought you pleasure.

A similar scenario happens when you’re in love with your business. It’s not a sacrifice to make cold calls: you can’t wait to pick up the phone and share your great product with someone. It’s not a burden to give presentations: you can’t wait to tell others about what you’ve got! It doesn’t drain you to learn and practice your craft. You’re learning about something that you love. It actually gives you energy!

These three key elements of love form the blueprint for building a healthy, passion-filled, successful marriage—and a successful business.

LISA JIMENEZ is a speaker, coach and author of Conquer Fear!,
which sold over a quarter million copies and was translated
in seven languages, and its sequel,
Don’t Mess with the Princess!
Lisa holds Mastermind Retreats in exotic cities around the
world and helps entrepreneurs build wildly successful businesses.