Do you remember this clever piece of advice from the Jefferson Airplane song? We all know how crucial it is to expose ourselves to words, images and sounds that help us along towards where we want to go. In this new column, we will highlight personal and professional development tools—books, audiovisual programs, movies, podcasts or any other media—that have been circulating among networkers.

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The Wise Ways of Transformational Leaders
CD Set
The Wise Ways of Transformational Leaders: How to Develop a Visionary Mindset for Result-Oriented Leadership
By Nido Qubein (2008)

Nido Qubein is a man who came to the U.S. as a teenager with little knowledge of English, no contacts and only $50 in his pocket. Today he is chairman of an international consulting firm and recipient of the highest awards given for professional speakers. He is also the president of High Point University and a prolific author of learning programs on leadership and communication.

In this latest release, he teaches the influential patterns of transformational leaders who produce successful and motivated teams. Here are a few characteristics of result-oriented leaders:
  • They don’t tell people what to do; they help people decide for themselves what to do.

  • They expect excellence in those around them and make those expectations known.

  • They invite people to speak up, and they listen and respond to those who do. They welcome good news and bad news from their associates, knowing that they can’t lead wisely unless they’re fully informed.

“Nobody and no institution can invest you with greatness,” says Nido. “They can only recognize the greatness within you when you have found it in yourself.”

You can learn to be a leader, just as you can learn to be a musician or a lawyer. Nido’s coaching will help you to become a more competent and efficient leader as you inspire others to peak performance.

Get Content. Get Customers BOOK
Get Content. Get Customers: How to Use Content Marketing to Deliver Relevant, Valuable and Compelling Information That Turns Prospects into Buyers.
By Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett (2008)

“Advertising is out; information is in,” say Joe Pulizzi and Newt Barrett. Who would have thought? Marketing actually works better when you have something valuable to say.

“We are in the middle of a content revolution that holds an unprecedented opportunity for businesses to communicate directly with their customers,” the authors say. “No longer is it necessary to buy ads to get your message across. Business owners can create their own relevant and compelling content that turns prospects into buyers. This strategy, called content marketing, creates marketing messages that your customers request, instead of interruptive messages they ignore.”

This step-by-step guide shows you how to create and execute a content marketing strategy. It provides success stories of how small and large organizations are leveraging the power of content to drive business. Combining old and new marketing, this book can help you enhance your content offerings online or offline, and connect to your customers through words, pictures, sound and video.

“The transformation from traditional to content marketing requires both a new mindset and a new skill set,” say the authors. “Although that’s easier said than done, we are convinced that you and your team must make that transformation. Don’t be a marketing dinosaur: start implementing your content marketing strategy today.”
It's Time for...Network Marketing BOOK
It’s Time … for Network Marketing: The Most Remarkable Form of Free Enterprise Ever Created
Edited by John Milton Fogg (2007)

“It’s time network marketing went beyond accepted,” says John Milton Fogg. “It’s time network marketing became truly admired.”

Fogg founded the Upline journal in 1990 and cofounded Network Marketing Lifestyles in 1997. He is also the founding editor of Networking Times, but, most importantly, he is the author of the million-selling title, The Greatest Networker in the World.

In his newest book, Fogg embarks on a mission to change how people think about network marketing. He brings together the insights of fifty-two of the brightest minds inside and outside network marketing—well-known experts, authors, speakers, trainers, coaches and especially active leaders. The table of contents includes essays by Margie Aliprandi, Robert Allen, Richard Brooke, Bob Burg, Leonard Clements, Art Jonak, Robert Kiyosaki, Kim Klaver, Brian Klemmer, John David Mann, Warren Nelson, Bob Proctor, Teresa Romain, Wendy Weiss, Lisa Wilber, Mark Yarnell and many others.

Why it’s time? Fogg says, “There’s a whole new way of doing business happening all around the world. Literally, a transformation is taking place in the way people buy and sell things. At the same time, there’s a radical transition in what people are willing and able to do to earn their living.”

This anthology is for prospects as well as for new or seasoned networkers. It sets the record straight about what makes network marketing so different as a business—and so promising in the times ahead.
Results Through Relationships BOOK
Results Through Relationships: Building Trust, Performance and Profit Through People

By Joe Takash (2008)

You may recognize Joe Takash from his recent contribution to Networking Times [“What’s in a Name,” May/June 2008]. Takash is a business consultant and keynote speaker who specializes in leadership, motivation and selling skills. He helps clients such as American Express, Prudential and General Motors build morale, results and profits through relationships.

“If your income check requires communication and interaction with people,” says Takash, “you are irrefutably and unequivocally in the relationship business first.” In this new release, he shows professionals how to establish productive relationships with new prospects and their existing networks, including colleagues, bosses, customers, clients, vendors, and anyone they bump into.

“Many people assume that only new contacts will help them achieve their goals, but in reality, many breakthroughs happen within existing networks,” says Takash. He offers a pragmatic, action-based, nine-step process anyone can master and implement. Some of the chapter headings include:
  • Be a partner, not an order-taker;
  • Reveal your flaws without fear;
  • Offer honest and direct feedback;
  • Get to know the complete person;
  • Give more than is expected.

This handy guide offers simple, powerful reminders for anyone looking to improve personal and professional effectiveness.

The Secrets of Money BOOK
The Secrets of Money: A Guide for Everyone on Practical Financial Literacy

By Braun Mincher (2008)

According to Braun Mincher, a self-made millionaire who was able to retire at age thirty, 40 percent of Americans live beyond their means, are burdened with credit card debt and have insufficient or no savings. “We can blame the economy,” says Mincher, “but most of it is plain old ignorance and lack of financial education.”

The mission of this book is to “dramatically improve your financial IQ and put money in the pockets of consumers.” Written in a conversational and easy-to-read format, this encyclopedia of personal finance presents concise information in a practical context and is appropriate for consumers of all education and income levels. Topics include:
  • How credit card companies really make money and scams to avoid;
  • Mortgage bankers, brokers and underwriters—are they your friends or financial foes?
  • How to make up to $500,000 tax-free by selling your house;
  • How car dealers make money … you’ll be surprised!
  • Pre-nuptial agreements—why they are a necessary evil.

Mincher challenges high schools, colleges and universities across the country to make a semester-long “Practical Financial Literacy” class a graduation requirement and promises to provide any school who implements this program with a free copy of his book for every student.

Launching a Leadership Revolution BOOK
Launching a Leadership Revolution: Mastering the Five Levels of Influence

By Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward (2007)

“Sooner or later, we are all called upon to lead,” say Chris Brady and Orrin Woodward [featured on p. 48 in this issue]. “Whether at work, at home, in your community or in your church, one day you will need to step up and take control. Will you be ready?”

For over a decade, the authors have educated and trained many thousands of leaders in their network marketing business before writing this step-by-step guide for attaining invaluable leadership skills.

Inspired by historic figures as Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, Queen Elizabeth and even Saint Paul, Brady and Woodward distilled five principles they call The Five Levels of Influence:
  • Learn: a leader must be able to learn from anyone;
  • Perform: persevere through failure to find success;
  • Lead: extend your abilities by expanding your team;
  • Develop Leaders: learn to trust your people;
  • Develop Leaders Who Develop Leaders: create a legacy.

“Most people—and their organizations—have a lot more potential locked away inside of them than they realize,” say Chris and Orrin. “Leadership is the key that opens the lock on that potential.” Offering many biographical examples, the authors encourage readers to adapt these five leadership principles to their own career and life, and unlock the leader within.

Healing with Love BOOK
Healing with Love: A Breakthrough Mind/Body Medical Program for Healing Yourself and Others

By Leonard Laskow, M.D. (2008)

Dr. Leonard Laskow is a Stanford-trained obstetrician who has studied, researched and taught the healing power of love and awakening into wholeness for more than twenty-five years [see interview in this issue, p. 32].

Healing with Love presents a time-tested program for healing oneself and others through an innovative mind-body technique that uses the power of one’s whole being to heal. Including charts, exercises and illustrated how-to techniques, this book shows how to turn on the power of our hands, heart and higher consciousness to release blockages that interfere with the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Unafraid to engage his intuitive as well as his analytic abilities in the quest of helping his patients, Dr. Laskow offers a blend of ancient and contemporary esoteric healing concepts that will empower those in the health professions as well as anyone on the path of self-healing.

“A new medicine is in the making, a form of healing that emphasizes the power of human consciousness,” says Dr. Larry Dossey. “Leonard Laskow is a ‘real doctor’ who is one of the architects of this mind-based medicine. If you think these concepts are merely ‘soft science’ or ‘new age fluff,’ this book may change your mind!” We couldn’t agree more!

The Complete Vision Board Kit BOXED KIT
The Complete Vision Board Kit™

By John Assaraf (2008)

This boxed kit contains all the pieces and information you need to create a vision board, break through unconscious, limiting beliefs and get ready to transform your future.

A vision board is a powerful tool that anyone can use to shape their ideal future through the power of intention and visualization. Learning how to vividly imagine your desired results—attracting your perfect soul mate, radiant health, abundant career opportunities, or building personal and community relationships to give back—is the first step on the path to making them happen.

“If you can envision it, you’re halfway there!” says John Assaraf, contributor to The Secret, speaker and entrepreneur. A vision board helps to firmly cement our desires and intentions through the images we choose to show ourselves and see every day.

The Complete Vision Board Kit includes John Assaraf’s DVD, The Secret to Your Best Year Ever, plus his latest book, The Vision Board Book, which walks you through the entire process of creating and properly utilizing a vision board. A blank vision board and glossy sheet of inspiring images and words are included to get you started, or you can go online for a free fourteen-day trial of John Assaraf’s Virtual Vision Board to expand your future even more.