“Love is the answer!” Heard that before?

We express appreciation for our customers and partners with words of thanks, but generally save the L word for our family and special friends. What would happen if we had the courage to use it more often—not only to express our love, but to deeply feel our connection to the people in our businesses?

Then there is the receiving side of love. What would it feel like to not only be liked, appreciated and respected, but to be loved by your customers and business partners? What impact might that have on your sense of self and your ability to build your business? Do you think you might feel more confident, take bigger risks and make bolder commitments? Would you be more willing to talk to people in ways that build stronger, longer-lasting relationships—leading to an even stronger, longer-lasting business?

In the last issue, I wrote about Robert Fritz and his book, The Path of Least Resistance: Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life. When describing the creative process, Fritz says that the Spirit of the process comes in when we understand that the universe does not need our business to exist. It will only exist because we choose to bring it into being.

Most successful creations come into being as a result of love: we love something enough to give it existence, to give it life. When we love something, when our creation matters to us, we organize our lives around it. If you look at what you are organizing your life around, you can see what truly matters to you—what you love.

According to Fritz, in the creation of something new (like your new business), there is a difference between being a creator and being a performer. Performers want to look good and engage in situations where they can do what they are already good at. Creators are open to learning new competencies in order to bring something new into the world.

Are you a creator or a performer? Are you willing to stretch and love something new into existence, and organize your life around it?

The success of your business reflects the amount of love you have for it. Want a more successful business? Ask yourself if you can find a way to love it more. Love is the doorway, and you are the key.

Remember: education changes everything.

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University