Most of us cruise along through life like grasshoppers, living for weekends, ball games, vacations, our favorite sit-com in the evening, and time away from facing the grind of life, our work and our financial future.

We often don’t realize it’s later than we think.

The most urgent reason I encourage people to take a serious look at starting a network marketing business is that most of us are woefully unprepared for our later years. Worse, we avoid the obvious truth: no one is going to take care of our retirement but us, and another episode of American Idol won’t put our retirement plan on track.

Do you want to take charge of your future? Take full responsibility for creating the lifestyle that will allow you the most enjoyment as you enter your sixties, seventies, eighties and beyond?

I’m not referring to lifestyles of the rich and famous. For most folks, an extra thousand dollars per month could make a life-changing difference in their savings and retirement plan.

In networking companies across the U.S., there are tens of thousands of folks over fifty earning a monthly residual income that is making a tangible difference in their ability to enjoy the later years of their lives.

Looking for more reasons? Network marketing has come of age and streamlined the distribution of products and services. Never has it been easier to create a solid network of distributors. We have all become information brokers, sharing content and acting as connecting agents.

By the time you reach fifty, you’ve probably developed a substantial network of friends and business relationships. Your network is mature and your potential business partners could be facing some of the same issues you have. Your partners’ networks are probably just as well developed with long-term friendships and solid business connections.

In addition, folks over fifty know how to make things happen. They’ve had to learn how to take initiative and hold themselves accountable. Their work ethic is well established—you don’t have to call them first thing in the morning to find out if they will show up for work today.

As a sixty-year-old with a thriving network of friends and business contacts, I chose to join a company that sells wellness products. In the Wellness Revolution, Paul Zane Pilzer describes the wellness market as the next trillion-dollar industry, and one baby boomers will increasingly rely on as they reach retirement over the next twenty years. It also happens to be one of the most lucrative markets in the global economy, as the world explodes with new options for natural healing and wellness.

For folks over fifty, the future couldn’t be brighter. The big question is, will you connect them to your opportunity? People over fifty need to understand and capitalize on our exciting and powerful profession, because it’s later than they think.


JOHN STETLER spent much of his adult life working in upper-level
corporate positions. He began exploring network marketing in 1991
and is now a top income earner with a large networking company.