In 1999 I found myself working hard in real estate and making a great income, but the demands on my time were exhausting and I was only as good as my last sale. Fortunately for me, I opened my mind and made a shift toward a better life and a more secure future.

Today, I am very grateful for the many blessings network marketing has afforded me. It all started with a friend sharing a product, and with my family and me experiencing incredible results. I decided to study wellness and learn more about disease prevention. The time had come for me to make some changes in the choice of products I was using and find a company I could trust to deliver only pure, safe and healthy products.

Soon thereafter, my youngest daughter faced the financial necessity of going back to work, yet she didn’t want to put her young children in day care. This left her with very few choices, since her husband traveled extensively. The friend who had introduced me to the products ten months earlier kept telling me my daughter would be great at this networking business that she herself had worked successfully for the past thirteen years.

My daughter was not interested. It took me flying across the country to a weekend event and encouraging her by showing her the difference this opportunity could make in her situation. On that trip I got so enthralled with the possibilities that I decided to build a network myself, with or without my family.

I wanted to work my way up towards the time and financial freedom I had witnessed. I loved the fact that I could do this alongside my real estate business, and I felt happy recommending the products I was already passionate about.

What furthered my interest was reading confirmation from Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki that network marketing is a solid business model for earning above average income. I felt if others in the company could be successful, so could my daughter and I.

Less than a year later, we both earned company cars and celebrated our Regional Vice President status. The following year we made the top position in the company. After seeing the success and the fun we were having with this business, my other daughter soon joined us, too, and other family members eventually followed as well.

I am so happy I started a business in my fifties! My life is filled with friends, exciting travel opportunities and chances to work with family members and close friends. I sleep well at night knowing I am making a difference in so many lives.

Once a school teacher, SUSAN HUTTON is a Realtor®,
who in her fifties started a network marketing business.
Today she is a very successful entrepreneur and networker
in one of the fastest growing companies in the country