You’re sixty, kids grown, grandkids growing … what’s next? You’ve got plenty of energy, wisdom and time on your hands (well, perhaps not as much time as you’d like), and you’re asking, “How can I make the best use of the rest of my life?” After all, you’ve got thirty or more years of adventures ahead of you.

Recently I was reintroduced to a best-selling book I had read in the eighties, The Path of Least Resistance: Learning to Become the Creative Force in Your Own Life by Robert Fritz. The premise of the book is that you cannot create what you desire in life until you change the underlying structures that make your life what it currently is. Changing those structures does not have to do with problem solving; it has to do with figuring out what you do want (harder than it sounds!) and then using the creative process to set in motion the forces to accomplish whatever that is.

Fritz’s thesis caused me to ask, “Am I organizing my life around what really matters to me?” I pondered this question, beginning with defining what really matters. Leaving my children and grandchildren a legacy, including financial abundance, has always been important to me. Also, I tremendously value being engaged in meaningful activities with high-integrity people on a common mission.

As a networker committed to continuous learning, you are a guide and a role model for the midlife decisions of your team members. Have you chosen a path that reflects what truly matters to you? Do you focus your time and energy to create the life you choose and the legacy you wish to leave? Our choices in midlife are abundant; our response to those choices will change the lives of everyone we touch.

Networking University is here to assist you. Let our courses inspire you to ask yourself critical questions, to identify your own path of least resistance and take meaningful action. At Networking University, you will learn the best practices for creating a successful team and supporting others in achieving what really matters. Can you imagine what life could be like when we are in our senior years? Our senior centers could be our downlines! Instead of fading away in our rocking chairs, let’s make choices today that will have us rocking in health and prosperity!

Remember: education changes everything.

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University