For the past thirty years, my life purpose has been to help people achieve their full potential.

As an organizational development consultant, I did this by helping executives and their team members identify their personal values, discover how those values connect to their company’s vision, then create win-win environments in which both vision and values flourish.

When I was introduced to network marketing in 1992, I was thrilled to discover a whole profession in which vision (the dream) and win-win were central to everyone’s success. Unlike most other business models, we reap financial rewards when we offer others hope and make a positive difference in their lives, especially those with whom we work side-by-side every day.

This said, I wonder if I really know my life purpose. Do any of us truly know? Or is my purpose statement just a concept of my limited mind? Is it the end of the conversation? I don’t see how it can be.

The universe is vast and I am only a speck if that. What is my role, my place, and why do I sometimes think I’m so important? After all, I’m the Dean of Networking University, the professional networker, the loving husband, the caring dad, etc. We all have a list of roles that can attest to the importance of our purpose and contributions—to what? This question is an interesting rabbit hole to journey down.

As I ponder my life purpose and I peel away the layers of the onion, reaching deeper and deeper towards my core, the question of who I am and why I am here remains. On this journey of discovering and becoming who we are, we need to embrace continuous learning and growth. As soon as we think we’ve got the answers, our journey slows down and we stop evolving.

Our opportunity is to remain open to new avenues and ideas, suspending judgments as best as we can so we can see what we were previously blind to, and hear what we had been unable to hear before. This learning process allows us explore new vistas in our mind, new horizons for our vision and ultimately, new frontiers for our purpose.

Remember: education changes everything.

See you in class!

Glenn Head
Dean, Networking University