Find Your Inner Purpose
If you focus on your inner purpose, your outer purpose will align with it and unfold moment to moment. Instead of chasing things, make your journey an expression of who you know yourself to be. You will be able to do it every minute of your life and live every day as if it were your last.

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A panel of four guest commentators ponders the question, “How is your business an expression of your life purpose?”

Lucrative Leads? It’s Up to You
Thomas J. Hayes
There are two schools of thought on buying leads to build your network. The first group doesn’t want to spend money on leads and instead spends time learning how to advertise and build web sites. The second group understands that the highest-paid activity in our profession is talking to people and giving presentations.

Prospects Look for Leaders
Art Jonak
Strong network marketing leaders don’t have to prospect for new distributors; distributor prospects come to them. Smart prospects look for energetic, enthusiastic, dedicated, active sponsors. If you want to work where you’ll encounter little competition, start at the top and be a leader.

Clicking with Your Prospect
Dianna Booher
Avoid that blank look of disengagement in a prospect’s eye: consider your demeanor; distinguish between agreeing and understanding; use a positioning structure rather than a pitch; make statistics and facts experiential; ask what your prospect knows rather than telling what you know.

Blogging to Attract Customers
Lori Osterberg
In order to make optimal use of a blog, understand how it differs from a website. Your website is for advertising. It provides the standard information that people need to know about your company and its offerings. Your blog is for building relationships. Prospects will buy from you because they feel connected.

Humanity at a Crossroads
Gregg Braden is a New York Times bestselling author widely heralded as a pioneer in bridging the worlds of science and spirituality. “I have always had the belief that there was no difference between science and spirituality,” he says, “that when we study chemistry and physics, we’re learning about the nuts and bolts of how God works in the world.” Gregg has spent the past twenty years exploring connections between the cutting edge of quantum science and the core of ancient spiritual traditions. He spoke with us recently about how today’s world is at a crossroads in perspective, and how network marketing reflects that shift.

Intuition in Business
Laura Alden Kamm is an intuitive healer and teacher whose remarkable accuracy in the medical field earned her a reputation as a “walking MRI.” In addition to her ability to read a person’s health, Laura is able to perceive the energetic structure of any object, person or thought, thus gaining perspective on its past, present and future. Born in a family of entrepreneurs, Laura believes that our intuitive voice can be a tremendous gift to transform our businesses and our lives. She teaches intuitive entrepreneurship, sharing simple techniques that enhance leadership effectiveness, personal growth and team empowerment.

Success and Significance
Rev. Robert Sirico is not your everyday Catholic priest. He quotes Thomas Aquinas and Genesis, to be sure, but in the next moment he’s citing Milton Friedman, Solzhenitsyn and Peter Drucker. Early in his ministry, concerned that insufficient grasp of economic principles left many students of religion poorly equipped to address real-life social issues, Father Sirico and an associate, Kris Alan Mauren, founded the Acton Institute in 1990. The Acton Institute’s mission is “to promote a free, virtuous and humane society,” a charge they pursue “by demonstrating the compatibility of faith, liberty and free economic activity.”

The Ultimate Upline
At age nine, Ana McClellan wanted to go to a YMCA summer camp, but her family had no extra money to send her. The local Y sponsored a candy drive that rewarded top sellers with two, four or six weeks of camp. When Ana told her dad she really wanted six weeks at camp, he said, “Let’s go sell some candy!’” With her father’s support, Ana earned six weeks at camp. “I felt like I was on the moon!” she says. “It had all the components of recognition that my network marketing company now offers, except instead of going to summer camp, now I help my people earn trips to Thailand.”

The Art of Selective Recruiting
Frank Keefer is an icon in the networking profession. Prior to encountering network marketing, he enjoyed highly successful careers in the military and the corporate world, and also owned and operated several traditional businesses. Over the past twenty years he has represented four network marketing companies and has achieved the top level in each of the past three. Most importantly to him, he has facilitated the creation of over one hundred million-dollar earners.

Discover Your Inner Voice
Robert Farland
The sum total of our communication is comprised of our body language, the words we say and how we convey them. This “how” is also referred to as tonality. It is how you speak the information: from a powerful place, with clarity and conviction—or not. What moves us to buy is not the information but someone’s delivery.

Finding Balance
Linda Nacif
We all try to balance our daily responsibilities, often unsuccessfully. This is because we haven’t taken the time to truly know our values and purpose in life. Attaining that balanced scale of all aspects of our life is an art that must be consciously cultivated. This balance is not static, but will change over time.

Lighten Up and Let Be
Rosie Spiegel
Only between 3 and 5 percent of associates who sign up in any given organization will stick with the business. Don’t give your happiness, power, confidence, commitment or sanity away to those who will not be your partners. Build your business with those who see the vision and who, like you, are committed to succeeding.

Logos, Symbols and Brands, Oh My!
Eric Schnapp
How do you approach a complete stranger with whom you want to make contact? Most people don’t realize that there are other options than discussing the weather. It’s easy to strike up a meaningful conversation about anyone’s passion without even knowing them: most people wear their interests on their sleeves.

Our Favorite Whats
John David Mann
Seeing people enter our business caged in the various ways life can imprison, and then find their way to the point where the cage door opens … watching them enter the open air and fly high—that’s my what. It also makes an excellent why.