Laura Alden Kamm is an intuitive healer and teacher whose remarkable accuracy in the medical field earned her a reputation as a “walking MRI.” Laura’s skills, however, travel far beyond those of a medical intuitive. Besides her ability to read a person’s health, Laura is able to perceive the energetic structure of any object, person or thought, thus gaining perspective on its past, present and future.

Laura is the author of
Intuitive Wellness and Unlocking Your Intuitive Power, an audio course for fostering our own innate capabilities to “read the energy of anything” (see review p. 10). Her teaching emphasizes the necessity of reaching a deeper understanding of the connections between our mind, our bodies and our universe, resulting in the expression of our true nature, well-being and gifts of service. She has been called a “cartographer of consciousness”—a mapmaker of the mind—who can assist others in charting out their life strategy, transforming their deepest fears and obstacles into positive, creative successes.

Born in a family of entrepreneurs, Laura believes that our intuitive voice can be a tremendous gift to transform our businesses and our lives. She teaches intuitive entrepreneurship, sharing simple techniques that enhance leadership effectiveness, personal growth and team empowerment.

Her web site refers to the timeless wisdom of Lao Tzu: “To see things in the seed, that is genius.” What if you could look at a brand new prospect and receive direct guidance about that person’s alignment with your inner purpose? We recently sat down with Laura and pondered this possibility.—J.G.

Laura, tell us a little bit about how you got started in the work you do.

I was twenty-six and had just returned to college to study architecture, when I became very ill on Super Bowl Sunday in 1982. Within eleven days, I became totally blind and died. Somehow I came back to life, and when I woke up from the coma, the doctors told me I had brain abscesses in the right occipital lobe of my brain, which took out my sight. I also had spinal meningitis.

I recovered and gradually regained most of my sight, but my way of seeing and perceiving reality—physically as well as spiritually and intuitively—had completely altered. I was seeing colors and energy patterns that I didn’t have words to describe. I could see tiny, microscopic specks in front of people or plants or animals in a variety of colors, like colored electrons.

I had no idea what I was seeing and tried to hide it for a while. This was the eighties in Indiana and I had never heard of quantum theory. I didn’t know anything about clairvoyance or healing: I was going to be an architect.

I believed I was still sick, so I went back to my neurosurgeon. After he had made sure I was doing fine physically, he said, “Laura, you’re seeing Kirlian fields.” I said, “What?” He explained to me what they were: the colors that show up in the electromagnetic pulses in different frequencies in the energy field around anything that is organic or carbon-based, anything atomic.

I then began a journey to figure out what this sight was about. I could see through plants, bodies, houses and trees. It didn’t matter what it was or where: I could detect things thousands of miles away.

People naturally started to be attracted to my gift and ask me questions, and word spread over time. Quicker than I can remember, I had a global clientele calling me for guidance.

Did you feel you had found your calling?

That’s how I got started. I didn’t plan this career. After my near-death experience, I spent years in my own little vacuum, looking at the way energy collects, condenses, expands and congests in and around bodies, organs and also around thoughts. I spent years studying and mapping the structure of energy.

Today, I teach this to business executives and healthcare professionals or other individuals. I consider myself a structural intuitive: someone who understands and can intuit the structure of energy around any object, person, place or thing. I do a lot of medical intuitive work, but you can apply it in any context of life, because all of life is energy.

My illness and the gift of intuitive sight that followed certainly put me in touch with my inner drive, my inner knowing: there is absolutely nothing else on this planet for me to do, but to guide others to be the best they can be as they navigate their lives—whether their health, their relationships or their business.

How do you help others identify their purpose?

The first thing for business owners and entrepreneurs to recognize is that powerful inner drive that makes them want to be in business for themselves and share their brilliance.

A lot of people get into business because they want financial freedom, but they’re not quite sure what unique gift or product or service they want to bring to the world. That’s where the ability to access your intuition (which everybody has) comes in. Couple that with your intellect, and that is what will allow you to be very successful in business and in life.

That inner drive goes way beyond our free will and our driving personalities. It is your soul’s voice, and it’s got to come out in order for you to reach your full potential.

How do we recognize our inner drive?

The first thing to understand is that it’s not a thought; it’s a feeling you get in your heart. It will feel warm and expansive, comfortable and peaceful. If you feel anything other than that in the chest area, you know you’re not on purpose.

Second, the work that is manifested from being in touch with that inner drive is always compelling. Sure, it can be challenging, but it’s always fun and fulfilling: you can do it all day long because you need to; you don’t have to do it.

A third quality that tells you that you’ve got that authentic inner drive going is that you are energized. When you get tired, you only experience a short-term emotional fatigue. There’s no drudgery associated with anything you’re doing when you’re propelled by your inner purpose.

The fourth quality is that your intuition is naturally there for you. It becomes your best friend. There’s no critical voice in your mind; you just know. You may have interesting dialogue, but your intuitive voice always gives you guidance for what it is you need to do next.

A fifth quality is that you get to create what matters to you most: tangible, material things as well as values such as freedom and joy. Honest, balanced enthusiasm, satisfaction, trust and so on, all of those values come to bear much more easily and seamlessly when you’re in touch with that inner knowing of what you’re here to do.

A final quality is that your inner drive naturally leads you to your life destiny. If you listen and let yourself be guided, you’re going to accomplish what you came here to do. Our soul, our spirit never leaves anything undone; your commitment, your spiritual obligation, is simply to show up. You need to come out of the closet, but if you reach out, opportunities are going to come and find you. It’s very organic and therefore easy to commit to it every day.

It would take away so much of our stress if we could just trust that.

Trust is a huge issue for human beings, because life seems so random, even though everything is interconnected. Science is now proving what mystics and healers and savvy businesspeople have known forever: what I do to myself, I do to you; what I do to you, I also do to myself.

Today the collective mind knows this and we are starting to embody that wisdom. A lot of people in business are acutely aware: they can sense a need in the marketplace. It takes a special gift to be able to recognize that there’s a hole out there, and that as an entrepreneur, I’ve got an idea or a passion that could fill that hole, and I can make money and help people and support families in the process.

Successful businesspeople are very bright and articulate, and they have excellent analytical skills. In addition, they usually have a very strong sense of intuition. We call it a gut-level feeling, but it is much more than that: it’s a precognitive knowing. They can see pictures in their mind’s eye of how to solve a problem.

When you merge the inner drive with the intuition and the intellect, you have a powerful combination. You have the authentic, organic nature of who you are as a human being driving things forward. When those three components are in balance, there is nothing to be afraid of. This is where you can start fully trusting yourself.

Sounds like a recipe for effortless success.

Yes, and it requires a little practice. You’ve got to shut the mind down a little bit to clear the decks. You’ve got to have some moments of stillness inside, so you can even hear that friendly inner voice. Move the critic out. Take it on vacation if you can.

In other words, you can’t be busy and on the go all the time.

Not in the beginning. When I train people in what I call deep intuitive analytics and innovative problem-solving, they can benefit greatly from learning the art of meditation and deep breathing, and even yoga or tai chi, because these practices get you into your body. They help you center your attention inside and not on anything else out there in the world—your problems or challenges, or even your successes. All of those can be very distracting.

In the beginning, you’ve got to learn to slow down your thinking and create space. You don’t have to sit in a corner and chant “Om” for forty-five minutes. Being quiet for just ten minutes is enough to get things moving, to change chemistry and alter brainwaves.

Later, as you become familiar with your intuition, you can do it on the fly. One of the exercises I give to my more advanced students is to meditate in the most crowded, noisy places they can find: the mall, a busy street, at home in the midst of family and children. Learning to meditate in chaotic places hones that inner-knowing-like feeling, so you can eventually use it no matter what is happening around you.

A business owner truly needs that skill: to be able to access that state anytime—in a meeting, for example, when a lot is at stake.

Life can be crazy on the outside, things can be flying all over the place, phones ringing, people talking, equipment breaking down, orders getting jammed up, but you’ve always got that still voice inside. When you couple that with your analytical mind, you know exactly what to do, in what order, and it all gets done.

Can you imagine how that would alleviate our level of stress and the damage it does to your body? This would be a very productive place.

Another important point always to keep an eye on as a business owner is to know what is your intention in your business, and even in your day. If you’re having a rough day, what’s your intention in this hour? What’s your intention in this task? Sometimes we need to micromanage our intention and the way in which we can access our intuitive voice so we can get you through to the next task, the next hour, the next day.

At times we have to look at things like a little mouse, from a very scrutinizing point of view, and other times we need to fly high above what we’re looking at and what we’re doing, like an eagle. Both micro and macro are equally important.

Practically speaking, how would we “read the energy” of a prospect and know if there would be alignment in working together?

When you want to intuitively “read” someone’s energy, start with reading the person’s intentions in working with you. Everybody does this on some level, but to be able to do it more precisely can save a lot of time, headaches and even money.

Let’s imagine you’re in a conversation with somebody who wants to join in your organization. You feel very excited and your prospect is matching your enthusiasm. The energy is building and ideas are flying. After you say goodbye, go back over the meeting and recapture the truth of what went on.

If you walk away from the conversation and something doesn’t feel right in your gut or in your chest, there’s your signal you have to pay attention to. Notice, I didn’t say to forget about the person. It’s just a signal that you need more information.

Next, find some space, and take out a notebook and pen. Take a couple of deep breaths and center yourself. Then write down what is your intention for bringing this person into the business.

Write down the person’s name and very quickly (intuition is insight without any reasoning), jot down qualities that you intuit about that person, whatever they are—neutral, positive or negative. Then, take a moment and assess each quality by putting the tip of your pen on the person’s name, and feel, think or know intuitively if this quality is accurate, if this is a good hit on this person or not. It seems like a lot of detail work but it only takes about twenty seconds per quality.

If you’re not picking up anything like trust or honesty but you pick up a lot of other positive qualities, it’s a good idea to go back and have another conversation with that person.

What would you focus on in that second round?

One of the things you can do is a simple three-step process: first, be attentive to what the person is saying. Second, soft-focus your eyes a little bit, as if you’re looking through her, and when you do that, pay attention to that broader sensation you’re getting from the person’s energy. Third, ask yourself, “Is this energy I’m feeling congruent with what the person is saying, or not?” This is one way to be able to tell whether or not this prospect is in alignment with herself and with you.

People’s energy is always radiating off of them. When people are incongruent and their words are not true to them—there’s a little bit of expectation, a little non-truth, some confusion—there will be different patterns in the energy field. Sometimes you can feel somebody energetically spike up like a porcupine, or you can sense rays of light. Their energy can be soft, hard, thorny or mushy. You can feel these things without having your hands floating over their body. You can sense it with your chest.

That’s where you’d sense that?

Right. Remember that inner drive we spoke about? It’s always a heart-centered sensation. Here as well, you can use your chest as radar.

This is one way of handling prospects that will cut down time, effort and money. You can do this over the phone. You don’t have to meet with everybody in person. The interesting thing about energy is that it’s always there and you can always connect with it.

If you pay attention, you can sense authentic emotion coming from someone over email. People are thinking about their words when they’re typing, even if they have multiple things going on. Their eye-hand coordination is lasering in on the words they’re typing and you can feel their genuineness or lack thereof.

And again, just because it doesn’t feel right initially doesn’t mean you immediately say no and walk away. You simply need more information, and business owners know that. Use your intuition in conversations to garner that information.

Would you say that intuition is the intelligence of the heart?

Let’s put it this way: our intuition is the vehicle that allows us to connect with infinite intelligence. Intuitive insight is like getting a telephone call from the universe in your heart. Intuition is both the vehicle and the insight, while the heart is the receiver to that upstairs telephone.

We can broadcast our intuitive questions out in unlimited space and dimension. Sometimes, you have to leave a voicemail: you’re stuck in a problem and you try to intuit what the solution might be, and it doesn’t come right away. But eventually the universe answers and there isn’t anything more fun, once you have developed the ability to receive that. I’ve trained enough people, including countless engineers, accountants and left-brain-dominant folks, to know that anyone can do this.

Are we getting more access to our intuition at this time in history?

Yes, we are. Humanity has had this capacity ever since we became homo sapiens, and there have always been mystics, yogis and intuitive people who have developed it.

However, en masse, it’s been growing since the fifties and the sixties, and it has accelerated since the turn of the millennium. Spirituality, consciousness and intuition are becoming mainstream because they are inherent within all of us. Science is catching up and supporting what wise and enlightened people have known all along. And yet, even though quantum physics helps me understand what I’m looking at in somebody’s electromagnetic field, it can never replace the true intuitive experience. We can’t rely on science for what we know in our heart to be true, because science hasn’t caught up with all of it yet.

People are turning to their intuition because it’s an evolutionary necessity. In order to sustain some level of internal balance on the planet and within humanity, we can’t let science and technology guide us more than our inner spirit and inner knowing. We have to evolve as technology evolves, and by merging the mind, the intellect and our intuition we can take a holistic approach to understanding energy and our interconnectedness.

I have a lot of faith in and hope for humanity, as I look forward with my intuition. I believe many people are awakening to who they are and why they are here. When they do, they cannot help but contribute in great ways to the world.