My life purpose is to create a sharing caring community committed to supporting each of its members to be the best we can be and to impact the world with the gifts of our combined brilliance. This has become my calling, and only network marketing could provide the vehicle to birth this mission into the world.

Having been around celebrities (I was brought to the U.S. by Cher after having promoted superstars such as Pavarotti and Pink Floyd), business leaders, educational and charitable organizations all my life, there was one day in February 2007 that changed my life forever: the day my life purpose became my business and my business became my life’s calling.

At the time, as Executive Director of the Mineseeker Foundation (in the legacy of Princess Diana) and The Sole of Africa, whose patrons include Nelson Mandela, Brad Pitt and Queen Noor, I experienced first-hand the problem, and then the solution, to the pressing world issues of poverty, hunger and disease.

Cyclones and floods in Mozambique had forced a massive refugee influx into camps that literally had not existed only the day before. Non-profits were rushing around, operating in the old paradigm of no money and little resources. Compounding the dilemma was that the United Nations World Food Program had announced a 70 percent funding shortfall, putting additional hundreds of thousands of people into immediate famine.

The situation was dire. That day, I had a conversation with Heidi Baker, surrounded by 500,000 homeless. Heidi, together with 1,250 field agents, has been a primary care giver in Mozambique for twenty years. She loves to love and yet she shared that she did not feel adequate to deal with what she was facing.

In that moment, I could not ignore my belief that in the midst of life’s most pressing need, I could do something. I immediately reached out to my own circle of influence, which included Larry Jones, of Feed the Children, a charitable organization fueled by a network company, and within a few days we had moved over $2 million worth of meals to feed that starving city.

Humanity truly unites brilliance. I became committed to this path of action, because on that day it was not a superstar or governing body that was equipped with the solution, it was people just like you and me. I realized that all we need to do to change the world is tap into and unite each other’s brilliance in action and make each of us the best superstar we can be.

I also discovered that the world was already awake to this reality; we just needed a road map to move from confusion to effectiveness in giving.

Based on this road map, I founded a business that allows each of us to express our life purpose and to move our world through empowerment and education from survival to sustainability; a business that allows me to be of service to myself and share my gifts with the world.

CHARLIE GAY served as a rock and roll promoter and event
producer for showbiz celebrities as well as for the U.K. government
of Margaret Thatcher. In 2007, Charlie’s extensive experience in both
for-profit and non-profit arenas, coupled with his unparalleled
passion for global change, lead him to start a network
marketing company focused on humanitarian living.