Every person on this earth was born with unique gifts and talents. Most of us spend a great portion of our lives discovering what talents we have, wondering why we have them and longing to know what we are supposed to do with them.

After searching for years in many directions, the two of us finally found the perfect place to use the precious gifts we were blessed with. We have always known that our purpose in life was to serve others and enrich their lives. Network marketing affords us an incredible opportunity to share our talents every day. It also gives us the privilege of helping others recognize their talents and discovering the greatness that lies within them.

We were in our mid-fifties, heavily in debt and discouraged, when we first put our toes in to test the waters six years ago. We had no idea that our adventure into network marketing would be the answer to our lifelong quest to fulfill our destiny and live a life of purpose.

Network marketing is not simply a business of duplication, it is also a business of inspiration, education and information. It requires forming and sustaining relationships. We are involved in the business of lighting candles. A candle never loses its light when it is used to light another candle.

Network marketing is a beautiful business model. Everyone has the opportunity to progress, regardless of who they are or where they come from. Age, lack of formal education or past experiences do not form barriers for those who embrace the freedom network marketing offers.

We have been able to pay off substantial debt in record time, establish a retirement program, build financial security and create a life for ourselves where we have plenty of time to spend with our loved ones. Network marketing rescued our family and helped us discover the life we had always dreamed of.

We will never be able to adequately express our gratitude for the blessing our network marketing business has been in our lives. We finally decided that the best way to give back would be to “Share It Forward!”

Every day we have the opportunity to share with others. We have found that sharing hope is contagious: once someone has received a glimmer of it, they can’t wait to share it with others. We invite you to join us in our quest to live the incredible life we know you were born to live, a life filled with joy, happiness, fulfillment and purpose.

TONY and RANDI ESCOBAR are network marketing leaders whose
organization approaches 400,000 customers and distributors.
They have helped create more than twenty-three millionaires within
their organization in only seventy-two months. They are the only
network marketing professionals ever to be honored by the
United States Congress for their phenomenal success and their
generosity to charitable organizations. Tony and Randi
were featured in the Sept/Oct 2004 issue of
Networking Times.