Empower Your Office Space

Very often the importance of office space and location are played down, especially for professional network marketers.

I have always been very keen on my surroundings. I like everything neat and clean, modern and fresh. As I transition from working in an outdated cubicle to having my own office space, I realize that my surroundings have a significant impact on my mood, which ultimately will translate to my level of enthusiasm and success.

This article ["Empower Your Space" by Kristy Iris, May/June 2008] touches on just that! Color choices, motivational and encouraging pictures and sayings, and lots of light will create an environment that motivates me and makes me feel good. I want to walk into my office and feel a sense of energy and success. We have the power to create just that and I am a definite proponent of making each step of the way more successful than the last. We are on a journey, a journey of growing, learning, achieving and gaining our own levels of personal success, which ultimately spills over into all the other areas of our lives, as well as into the lives of our team members and prospects.

—Linda MacDonald

An Insult to Christians?

I have encouraged everyone to be associated with your [email] newsletter and have spoken highly of it myself. But Humanity Ascending is an insult to me as a Christian.

I do not believe evolving from apes to men is the Truth. If you read Genesis in the Bible you will see what I am saying. I did not realize that Networking Times was anti-Jesus, and so very liberal in thought. What does Humanity Ascending have to do with networking? Except it continues to suggest that we are mere apes that have evolved! I can tell you I am not from an ape, I am from the hand of God. The falsehood of the entire evolution idea is appalling to me, as it is to others who believe we are part of a Master plan.

I will not continue to encourage anyone at anytime to be associated with Networking Times from here out. I would like to see an apology to the Christians who support you and keep all of you in jobs.


—Sandra Brown

I was sad to learn that your sense of Humanity Ascending's "Our Story" is so at odds with the message we intended. The point we attempted to convey in "Our Story" is that everything and everyone—every atom, molecule, cell, animal and human—is an expression of the mind of God, of the divine process of creation. It is not at all our position that we are derived from apes; we came from and are a manifestation of a Creative Intention. To be sure, God works in strange and mysterious ways through a cosmic labor of love to create a universe and beings ever more conscious of the Process of Creation.

It is quite true that some material-based scientists assert that evolution is nothing but chance and necessity in a material world. But this is the opposite of what I am saying. My sense is that what we call "evolution" is an expression of a divine process of creation, not a mechanical process of happenstance. "Our Story" celebrates the awareness that universal mind, creativity, divine design is transcendent to, immanent in, and manifesting in and as every thing and being.

Admittedly, the very word "evolution" is often such a highly charged term that its use can suggest an entire fixed world view, typically that material-based, man-from-apes-by-chance view mentioned above. Yet it need not necessarily refer to this limited perspective. I am certainly not alone in suggesting that the idea itself can express a view that is quite respectful of and wholly compatible with devout Christian values and perspectives. For example, you might enjoy reading
Thank God for Evolution by Michael Dowd, a former Christian pastor who reveals the nature of sacred evolution and Christ in evolution; also God's Ecstasy by Beatrice Bruteau, a Christian contemplative, and Fr. Teilhard de Chardin's Divine Milieu.

I believe exactly as you have so well put it in your note: that "we are part of a Master plan." I also believe that humans are becoming ever more aware of that divine process and often experience it within their own hearts as love of God above all else, and of our neighbors as our selves.

With heartfelt thanks for your caring so deeply,

—Barbara Marx Hubbard
Creator and narrator of
Humanity Ascending

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