As a result of his role in The Secret and subsequent appearances on Larry King Live and the Ellen DeGeneres show, John Assaraf is virtually a household name. Chances are good, though, that you’ve not heard of Murray Smith, his coauthor and best friend/business partner of twenty-five years. Yet it is the partnership of the two very dissimilar characters that makes The Answer such an extraordinary book.

The book falls into two parts. The first, dominated by Assaraf, is dedicated to a thorough exploration of the “Law of Attraction” and how to create a laser-sharp vision of one’s dream business. The second half, where Smith’s phenomenal résumé as a business strategist really shines (he has launched or revived thirteen highly successful businesses and coached thousands more), builds on that foundation by showing how to apply a series of detailed, practical principles and strategies to take any business to the next level of growth.

The book’s front half is an absolute tour de force, taking us on an exploration of quantum physics, including present-day leading-edge research on the nature of the universe; through the latest findings in neurochemistry and neuroplasticity (the ability to physically change one’s mind); to a careful explanation of the phenomenon of resonance and why the Law of Attraction works the way it does, in concert with what the authors call the Law of Gestation and Law of Action. It concludes with a guide on how to use meditation, affirmations and visualization to make your dream business unstoppable by building it “on the inside”—or to use the authors’ metaphor, to create the perfect seed and plant it in the ideal soil.

It would be a valuable book if it stopped there—but it doesn’t. If the first half is about crafting and planting the right seed, the back half is all about how to water, weed, cultivate and harvest what you’ve planted. It’s these latter chapters where the rubber meets the road and the authors give full throttle to the “Law of Action,” and it’s here that Smith’s credentials and analytic powers turn The Answer into a synergistic powerhouse. With chapters like “Innovating Your Business,” “Finding Your Business’s DNA” and “Reaching Your Ideal Customer,” The Answer walks us through detailed business strategies and tactics, replete with real-life case histories taken from the authors’ own clients’ experiences.

“This book is a masterpiece!” says Jack Canfield’s cover endorsement, adding, “It is by far the best book I have ever read on how to use the law of attraction … to quantum-leap the growth of any business. It is now required reading for all my staff and students.” We couldn’t say it better.

Hardcover, 288 pages; Atria, May 2008