If you took your hands off the steering wheel of your life and allowed yourself to relax and be the passenger, what would happen? What would your life be like if you let go of your judgments and beliefs, instead embracing all that arose in any given moment? Would there be chaos? Would you still be able to pay the bills?

These are the questions Arjuna Ardagh asks in this six-CD audio course, Let Yourself Go. He invites us to discover how to identify and dissolve the limiting points of view that obscure our connection to life and to the essence of who we are.

A collective shift in consciousness is taking place in people from every culture, faith and walk of life, asserts Ardagh. It’s something he has researched a great deal and written about in The Translucent Revolution.

Most people today would agree that we are living in a world gone slightly mad. We perceive a discrepancy between the way that we see life being lived—both personally and collectively—and a deep intuition and longing in the heart. We are awakening to a sort of intuitive wisdom of how life could be lived, to our potential as human beings.

“While our personal and collective imbalances—from overwork, drug addiction and having arguments at home, to global warming, international conflict and economic disparity—seem to be disconnected,” says Arjuna, “they are actually all symptoms of the same state of consciousness dominated by the illusion of separation.”

In the first CD he introduces you to the realization that you are not a separate entity and helps you question the different layers of your innate assumptions about reality.

The second CD uncovers how all beliefs cause a “contraction in consciousness” that create the feeling of “me” and “them.” Arjuna guides us into a compassionate investigation of our different points of view, which in the process releases their hold.

CDs four and five show how we can begin to dissolve our different “contractions” so we can become more present. Once we create space for presence to take over life, there is an innate intelligence that opens up: synchronicities start occurring, our needs are taken care of in unexpected ways and emotions we once feared and resisted dissolve into a state of peace where every experience is welcomed.

CD six shows how this state of consciousness, once only available to a select few, is accessible to anyone and we can learn to embody it in all aspects of our day-to-day life.

Let Yourself Go provides many hands-on exercises to start this process of embodiment in a most gentle and enjoyable way. Arjuna’s voice is soothing and centering, and each CD has a musical interlude to drive home the teachings at even deeper levels. Offer your family and your team this “retreat in a box” so you too can experience the freedom and power of life “beyond belief.”

6-CD Set, $69.95; Sounds True, 2006
Available at www.networkingtimes.com