It is no secret that most successful people have similar habits that lead to their achievements. I have found that they also intuitively arrange their homes and businesses in similar ways that support their success and positive habits.

No matter how much you focus on positive thoughts, your environment is triggering many more subconscious thoughts than you can ever be aware of. Your work surroundings have a profound impact on your success, happiness, productivity and profits.

The objects you have chosen to surround yourself with when you conduct business create associations that are constantly sending you supportive messages or toxic ones. With a little help, it is amazingly easy and fun to set up your business space to positively affect you rather than negatively infect you. Here’s a start:

Hot Spots

The first thing you see when you enter your workspace sets your whole mood and intention. When you enter your office, there is a transition as you cross through the doorway. Used effectively, what you see first and how the room makes you feel and think can focus you automatically on your business at hand and help you release whatever thoughts and emotions you were experiencing before arriving.

Can you imagine how much more productive you could be if you had your space designed to switch your mind and emotions to exactly where you want them to be? Your transition could be on autopilot.

The first thing you see on the wall opposite the door when you enter a room sets your intention and focus for the work you will do in that room. This is a place to put reminders of your accomplishments, such as diplomas and awards or an enlarged logo of your business.

Another important focal point is the area opposite your desk. It is what you are looking at as you work. This is a good place to put images of what you are working for: vacation, new home, family time—your big why. This will keep you focused on your “prize.”

Personal Power Place

You will be amazed at how empowered, confident and productive you will be once you discover where your personal power place is in your office. Every room and every person is different, so it is important to find where you are going to run your show in your specific office.

You can find this place by closing your eyes and standing in a few places around the room (you might want to try this when you are quiet and alone). Scan how your body feels, especially your back, shoulders and clarity of mind. You will notice that you feel more powerful and clear in one place than another. This is the location to place your chair and desk. When you sit down to work, you will instantly be more focused and commanding so that your work is more efficient and productive.

Desk Placement

You never walk into the CEO’s or President’s office and see her with her back to the door. Turn your desk to face the door with the intention of promoting yourself to CEO. This is very important for home offices, too!

Subliminal Advertising to Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind remembers everything. Use this to your advantage. You can place meaningful pictures and positive affirmations behind pictures and furniture. Consciously, you may forget what you put there, but your subconscious is triggering those thoughts over and over. This also keeps your intentions private and yet all around you.


Having plants in your office sends a subliminal message that this is a space where someone is caring for life, and in turn, you will be taken care of, too. Plants clean the air and it has been found that your productivity increases when you have a plant to care for.


Most people choose colors based on what they like and have no idea how that color really affects them. The color you like might actually be working against you. What’s important is that you choose the shade that works for you. You may feel overwhelmed by a bright lemon yellow, but a warm buttery yellow will keep you joyful, alert and stimulated. Colors carry vibrations that can have a dramatic effect. Here’s how you can optimize their power:

Yellow triggers chemicals in our bodies for joy. This also makes it stimulating to work. The color yellow can keep people’s energy high in the afternoon lulls when even a coffee break isn’t much help. This color is especially important for colder and rainy climates. Bring the sun inside on a rainy day!
Blues and greens are soothing colors that are often best in places to be restful. Many people love these shades, and yet have no idea that they are contributing to their depleted energy and low productivity at work.
Red is the easiest color for the eye to see. Close your eyes and open them. Your eyes will automatically be drawn to whatever is red. Use this to direct your energy and attention. A little red in your logo will pull attention in a pile of business cards. Important documents in a red file will be easiest to find. And a red book spine will jump off the shelf.

Everything has a vibration: your desk, the colors of your wall, the door, the clutter. You have the power to ensure that it is all uplifting and expanding for you. Take a moment to listen to your intuition and ask, “Is this supporting my success?” If not, let it go! Whatever the history or attachment you have with it, if it’s not uplifting you, then it doesn’t deserve to live with you.

Create a space that constantly reminds you of your highest goals and potential. Let your environment become an active partner in your success.

KRISTY IRIS, MFA, is the CEO and Founder of Fizom™ Inc.
a company dedicated to helping people create home and
business environments to support their highest potential.
She is the author of
Fizom™ Your Home: a Guide
to Empowering Your Space and Dreams.