1. Decide
In order to become profitable as an entrepreneur, you have to make a decision. Indecisiveness is rooted in fear: fear of the unknown, fear of failure, even fear of success. Successful entrepreneurs make quick decisions and are slow to change their minds; broke people, on the other hand, are slow to make decisions and quick to change their minds. Deciding is about trusting the process and surrounding yourself with other big thinkers and decision makers. How can you reach your destination if you won’t decide to start the journey?

2. Take Action
Once you’ve made a decision, it’s time to take all-out massive action. Action taken over time creates habits, and profitable habits create profitable results. Identify what you want and start taking action towards it. Break it down and move backwards from the goal to determine what you have to do today to create the outcome you desire tomorrow. Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do every once in a while. If you want a six- or seven-figure income, make sure to develop six- or seven-figure-income daily habits.

3. Learn to Lead
To be a good leader you must learn to become a good follower. It’s also very important to be clear on where you are going; how can anyone follow you if you don’t know your destination? Leadership and the ability to move people is a quality most profitable entrepreneurs own. Read books on leadership and be around those you know to be effective leaders. Model them, listen to them and feel where they are coming from. Becoming a leader is an ongoing process. Learn to enjoy that process.

4. Be Passionate
Passion is the fuel to building your dreams. Profitable entrepreneurs are passionate about what they do and do what they are passionate about. Find a business or industry where you naturally feel your passion. Everybody has passion, but many people get caught up in the programming and conditioning of being controlled by someone else or others’ decisions. That’s how you find yourself in a dead-end job or climbing the ladder of success only to find that your ladder is on the wrong building. Don’t let anyone steal your passion. Feel it, feed it and share it with others. They will find it contagious and will want a piece of it.

5. Get Goals
Writing down your goals sets energy in motion, but most people stop there and don’t follow through with action. Set your goals for the future and backtrack to what it requires you do today. That’s how you create the feeling of absolute knowing and the faith that you can reach them. Decide what you want and be as specific as possible so you have a clear why. Why are you reading this, why do you want profit over wages, why do you deserve to be an entrepreneur? The answers to these questions will drive you through the ups and downs associated within any worthwhile endeavor so you can become an expert goal-getter.

6. Be Present
Profitable entrepreneurs are present to their surroundings, thoughts, emotions and actions. Many people spend all their time in their heads, reliving the past and planning for the future. They don’t realize that now is all we have. Let go of past failures or criticisms and realize that these situations are not you now. Spending time in the present with faith in the future will bring you the most pleasant sense of freedom: freedom from the past, from bills, stress, anxiety, etc. It will put you in the flow, the zone, where creation begins.

7. Commit
Profitable entrepreneurs are committed to their decisions, their actions, their results and their goals. Giving up is never an option, as they are totally connected to their dreams. This is where the impossible becomes possible. Make the commitment and stick to it, come hell or high water. Many people think they’re committed, but as soon as they encounter an obstacle or criticism, they quit. Napoleon Hill said, “Quitters never win, and winners never quit.”

8. Be Responsible
Being responsible is about owning and accepting who you are, where you are now and where you are going. Don’t blame others, the economy, your family or your past. Profitable entrepreneurs don’t blame circumstance; they choose to take responsibility and move on, knowing that they are learning the skills to break the cycles and become who they are: profitable entrepreneurs! Jim Rohn says, “Look at our lives as being sailboats in the water. The same wind blows on us all, regardless; the determination of what happens to us is based on how we set our sails.”

9. Be Intuitive
Successful entrepreneurs are intuitive, which means they get out of their heads and into their guts and their hearts. They feel people and situations and trust themselves to know the right answers or decisions. They become comfortable with themselves and who they are and don’t rely on outside sources to manipulate or convince them. The best way to listen to your intuition is by staying present. We all have access to the answers if we let go of others’ power of influence that doesn’t serve us and learn how to feel into our own intuitive wisdom.

10. Be Patient
Becoming profitable is a journey. Learn to slow down and enjoy the process of your transformation. Patience brings peace. I have worked with people who are so anxious and needy about the profits they can’t seem to wait for them. The more you try to hurry and force the outcome, the more it will evade you. Let go and let God. The truth is, you are already successful. Do you have eyes that see? Hands to use? Legs to walk? A roof over your head? Food to eat? People who love you? Remember you are already a success and enjoy your journey!

BRANDON SHARP is a profitable networker and entrepreneur
focusing on real estate and finance. He is passionate about teaching
others how to change their minds and create the success
they deserve. With his brother Cameron, he reached the top five
winner circle of his company. Brandon is a single father
of a six-year-old entrepreneur named Jackson.