Belief is one of the cornerstones of building any business, yet there is a place beyond belief where the most successful individuals reside, and that is expectation.

There’s no denying that successful people attract wealth. They expect it and it comes to them without question or hesitancy. In their mind, there is no alternative and no doubt. To those on the outside looking in, it seems almost like magic, as if the wealthy hold some secret to making money that they aren’t sharing. In truth, those wealthy individuals have moved beyond belief and no longer worry about failure because they have every expectation of succeeding. That’s their one and only secret.

When you talk to people who are starting a new business for the first time, it is interesting to see that belief is one of the key areas they focus on. They have to build their belief in order to get their business moving in the right direction and to overcome any obstacles that may occur. However, after they have gained experience in the area of belief, they will begin to integrate it into their subconscious and it becomes part of their natural mindset. They don’t have to remind themselves how important belief is, because it is a part of their natural thought process, not something they have to work on consciously.

Someone recently asked me what was a reasonable expectation of success for a particular network marketing business. I knew instantly that the person asking this question would probably fail. Why? Because there is no such thing as a “reasonable expectation.” Either you expect success to happen, or you don’t. The word reasonable only exists to allow you to lower your standards and accept mediocrity.

In the world of expectation, there is no average, part-way: it’s all or nothing. You expect things to happen as you envision them and doubts don’t even cross your mind. You banish the words “what if” from your vocabulary, and no matter what you undertake, you fully expect to conquer. Wealthy people don’t have “reasonable expectations,” they expect success—without question—and it arrives.

Part of our ingrained belief system is the concept of risk aversion. We are taught to hedge our bets whenever possible. We want to see some signs that success might happen before we jump off into the unknown. This is in direct and stark contrast to the idea of belief and can be very difficult to suppress. I say “suppress” because you don’t ever completely eliminate or overcome risk aversion, you can only suppress it through repetition of belief.

As you move forward in your business accomplishments, your strength of belief is what will eventually give you the wealthy mindset of expectation, which provides the infinite power to attract the best that life has to offer.

BOB PROCTOR is author, consultant and Fortune 500 trainer,
as well as Publisher of
Networking Times. For forty years
he has focused on helping people create lush lives of prosperity,
rewarding relationships and spiritual awareness. His seminars
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