A new energy is sweeping the planet and changing the way we interface with life at every level. As a species, we are realizing that if we don’t wake up and make changes very quickly, we may no longer have a home to live on. Our life experiences as well as the transformative information available all around us are inviting us to move beyond our individual beliefs and wake up to the very truth of our own being before it’s too late.

Earlier this spring, millions of people throughout the world tuned in to participate in the largest webinar in history, an online class with Oprah Winfrey and Eckhart Tolle based on his latest book A New Earth. Tolle defines the ego as identification with form—primarily thought forms. Our beliefs are thought forms, and they have brought us to where we are today. Unless we move beyond the beliefs that have caused the fear and destruction in the world, we will not make the necessary changes to direct a healthier, new course.

Tolle suggests that the only access point beyond belief is to be found within ourselves in the present moment. We can move beyond identification with thought forms by becoming fully present with whatever is in the moment. By quieting the mind and tuning into whatever we are with, we have a deeper sense of knowing and guidance to follow whatever action is most appropriate and being called for right now.

I had that experience back in the fall of 1994, when my partner and I were introduced to a network marketing company. Someone had given me a tape, and while listening to it, I was able to tune into the “still small voice within.” I said to my partner, “This company is up to something good. I’m going to get involved with them. Do you want to join me?”

I hadn’t learned anything about the company or its nutritional products. I didn’t know any of the people involved with the business. All I knew was that something inside me resonated with the message and the energy on the tape, and I trusted that.

My partner’s response was, “Are you crazy? This is network marketing.” I replied, “I don’t care what it is. I know that they are up to something good, and I’m going to get involved with them. Do you want to join me?” Fortunately for both of us, he trusted my intuition and said, “Yes.” By our surrendering to that deeper inner knowing, grace took over and led the way. Today, almost fourteen years later, we are top leaders in what has turned out to be one of the most outstanding companies in the networking community.

There is a more powerful place than belief to draw direction from, when we can learn to be still, trust and surrender to that inner guidance and inner knowing that comes from being fully present in the moment.

MARION CULHANE is an active networker who has reached the
highest leadership level within her company and served as a
Founding Member on her company’s Associate Advisory
Council. She is a prior Board Member of Gabriel Media Group, Inc.