Cameron Johnson and “Oprah’s Big Give”

You may remember several years ago, in the July/August 2004 issue of Networking Times, we did an interview with Cameron Johnson when he was more or less unknown. The story was called “Fifteen-Year-Old CEO.”

In 2006, our senior editor, John David Mann, coauthored a book with Cameron, You Call the Shots, which tells the story of Cameron’s entrepreneurial childhood, how he met Donald Trump when he was eight, made his first million before graduating from high school and built twelve successful Internet businesses before the age of twenty.

Last year, the same Cameron Johnson—our Cameron Johnson!—was selected as one of the ten participants in Oprah’s new prime-time television show, “Oprah’s Big Give.” We shared our excitement about this reality show of a different kind in our November/December 2007 issue in “The Good News” column, calling it “Oprah’s Take on a Philanthropic Economy.”

As you read this, the show is over, but as I’m writing, the competition is still on. We don’t know yet who will be the winner, but we are very excited for Cameron and wish him the adventure of a lifetime doing good in the most creative and outrageous ways.

While “Oprah’s Big Give” is receiving a lot of criticism from the media, we want to congratulate Oprah on her grand initiative and for being a force for good in the world. The media’s response shows that many people still have powerfully ingrained resistance to abundance manifested on such a large scale. Networking University faculty member Steve Siebold calls it “middle-class thinking” in his Mental Toughness Blog:

“While the world’s richest woman attempts to help people in need, the media (which caters to middle-class thinkers because they represent the majority of the population) is slamming her for capitalizing on the concept. This is classic middle-class thinking rooted in fear and scarcity. This type of reporting is why so many of us grow up with limiting beliefs about success. Oprah, if you’re listening, thank you for sharing your wealth and wisdom with the world. I hope you and your company benefit from your good works. After all, isn’t that the American way?”—Steve Siebold.

This reminds me of a beautiful quote by Judy Satori, a quote that both Oprah and Cameron exemplify in their own unique ways:

“Abundance is a two-way flow of energy, the capacity for giving and receiving. It allows the flow of energy to also return unhindered to you. If you feel abundance in your heart, demonstrate abundance in your life and think abundance in your thoughts, the energies will open you to the flow of your own creation. So feel and think freely what it is that you would create.”

Dial Directions

Navigating frequently through unfamiliar territory can be stressful to traveling networkers trying to make it to the next presentation. Thanks to Dial Directions, you now have one less thing to worry about while on the go: you can get instant directions from one appointment to another directly to your phones, without the hassle of mapping out your routes beforehand or having to use an expensive GPS service.

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Available nationwide to all cities in the continental U.S., Dial Directions is easy to use and free! The bad news is, you now have one less excuse to be late or not show up at meetings.

The MLM Cruise 2008

Don’t miss out on all the fun and learning. Every single year since its inception in 1990, the MLM Cruise has sold out. Reserve your cabin today and invite your friends to join you in this unique and memorable networking event in the Caribbean.

P.S. Below are some fond memories of the MLM Cruise 2007

At Sea, Monday, 7:45 p.m.
MLM Cruisers enjoy a formal cocktail paty onthe front deck.

At Sea, Saturday, 10:28 a.m.
Tom Schreiter gives away his brain-freeze techniques and other prospecting secrets.

Belize, Thursday, 1:25.p.m.
Lunch with Dutch networkers Hans van Loon and Astrid Menick.

Guatemala, Wednesday, 3:53 p.m.
Making a new friend among the locals.

Honduras, Tuesday, 1:17 p.m.
Kaitlin and Tom Hayes make a last-minute jeep rental reservation from the ship's Internet cafe.

Mexico, Friday, 15:36 p.m.
Enjoying a leisurely bike ride on the coast of Cozumel.