Have you noticed? Costco is selling more and more organic foods. Magazines are advertising green cleaning products that outperform their conventional chemical-based counterparts. Scientists are collecting the electrical power of the movement of the waves in the ocean, thus tapping into a virtually unlimited energy source.

It’s happening and it is the essential adventure of our time: the collective shift in human consciousness from a separation-based Newtonian worldview (motivated by scarcity and survival) to a quantum worldview (motivated by sustainability and conscious evolution). The old worldview corresponds to our “egoic” state and leads to suffering, because in this state we identify with form (our bodies, our thought forms and the physical world), which is finite and ever-changing. The new worldview is based on who we truly are: timeless beings who can tap into the infinite creative power of an ever-expanding universe.

Network marketing is a “new worldview” business model in that it is based on cooperation rather than competition. Aware of the interconnectedness of all life, networkers have been selling environment-friendly health products and advocating sustainable business practices for years. Instead of there being only so much opportunity to go around, we know there is endless opportunity to be created.

Is this what you see when you look around your organization, or do you still recognize some old-world thinking? In his book, A New Earth, Eckhart Tolle describes people who are in the egoic state:

“When you look at them, you may see the tension in their faces. … Most of their attention is absorbed by thinking so they don’t actually see you or listen to you. They are not present in any situation, their attention being either in the past or future, which, of course, exist only in the mind. Or they relate to you through some kind of role they play and so are not themselves.”

Tolle calls the alternative the awakened state, free of ego:

“People who are free of ego are present when they do their work and they perform without any self-seeking. They fully respond to whatever the moment requires of them. They are at one with what they do and with the people they serve. … People who work without ego are extraordinarily successful at what they do.”

Arjuna Ardagh calls this the translucent state: our thoughts and beliefs dissolve and what remains is a field of conscious presence. An experienced meditator, Arjuna points out that the awakening can happen in a moment and be quite profound and shattering. “But the embodiment of that awakening in daily life,” he says, “is something that goes on and on. It’s an endless process.”

Chances are you are already in the right business. Now be the presence that will set you free. Let this issue provide you with some keys to swing open the doors to conscious and effortless creation.

DR. JOSEPHINE GROSS is Cofounder and Editor in Chief of Networking Times.