The Do-Be-Do-Be-Do of Money
Unless we bring more consciousness to the world of money, until the awareness of oneness reaches the financial decision makers, we can only get so far. It is time for the philosopher to take an interest in financial success, just as the business person awakens to the fullness of his entrepreneurial vocation.

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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on the nature of money and business.

A panel of three guest commentators ponders the question, “What part does financial literacy play in achieving our dreams?”

The Value of Mentors
Brian Tracy
Your ability to choose your mentors can be a crucial step toward achievement in all areas of your life. Your mentors should be people you respect, admire and want to be like. The advice you seek should be guidance regarding your character and personality and specific ideas on how you can do your work better and faster.

Offer Training
Art Jonak
Most prospects are desperate for training and guidance. They will join your organization even if they don’t see a beautiful flip chart, video or Internet presentation, as long as you educate them and teach them new skills. Focus on training and you’ll get a lot more distributors—and a lot less rejection.

Running Out of People to Call?
Eric Lofholm
While many people feel they do not have enough leads, most have never set a lead inventory goal. To run an effective network marketing campaign, you need a minimum of 200 leads in inventory at all times. Set a goal to get 200 leads in the next thirty days. Goals act like magnets: you will begin to attract those 200 leads.

Offer Coaching Services
Milana Leshinsky
Starting your own coaching program is an easy way to increase your income and expand your customer base. Most people need to be told what to do so they can reach their goals. They’re waiting for someone with the knowledge and expertise they need to come along, sit them down and walk them through it, step by step.

How to Outsmart Your Brain: Part II
David Krueger, M.D.
Our brain connections, or mind maps, influence the reality we see. The mind map is the brain’s story. There are six crucial elements to outsmart your brain and its mind map. When you understand and incorporate each of these six, you have the outline for mastering your life and business stories.

The New Financial Frontier
Terry Savage is one of our nation’s highest-visibility experts on personal finance. She serves as television commentator on investment and financial markets for CNN, CNBC, PBS and NBC, and nationally syndicated personal finance columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times. Starting out as a stockbroker, Terry became a founding member (also the first woman trader) on the Chicago Board Options Exchange. We asked her about the biggest financial challenges home-based business owners are facing in the twenty-first century.

Keeping It Simple
Wayne is the founder of CashFlow Manager, Australia’s leading small business bookkeeping solution. As an accountant specializing in small business needs, Wayne learned over the years that most of his clients didn’t really understand where their money was coming from or where it was going. They had enough trouble reconciling their checkbooks, let alone their accounting books. To help them, he decided to create systems that anyone could easily understand and use. With his partner Bud Chapplain, he has now designed One-Minute Books, a web-based version of his original system tailored specifically for home-based business owners.

No More Debt!
After a highly successful career as a promoter in the film business, Randall Blaum succumbed to the addiction of consumerism and found himself in serious credit card debt. Twenty years and two bankruptcies later, he discovered a way to get out of debt—and stay out forever. Passionate about what he had learned, Randall launched a crusade to educate others in hopes that he might spare them the kind of suffering he had experienced. Today he tells his rags-to-riches story and life lessons with compassionate humor to audiences across the country and offers his credit card debt strategy manual for free. He is the director of U R Pre-Approved, a feature-length movie that warns the public against the hidden dangers of accumulating credit card debt.

From Dubai around the World
Committed to building a better life for himself and his family, Mohammad Fatemi Ghani moved from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates in order to pursue an attractive job offer as an aeronautics engineer. After a few years, he decided to transition from his area of expertise to start a health and wellness business. Ghani became one of the pioneers of the networking profession in his adoptive country, dovetailing on the emergence of Dubai as a world business hub with a largely foreign workforce. In four years he reached Diamond status with his company; today he is the company’s first Crown Diamond of the Middle East.

Bringing Mothers Home
Sandi Cohen has always been passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. Upon graduating in the sixties with a degree in education from Temple University in Philadelphia, she volunteered to be the first white female in an all-black school in north Philadelphia. Today, Sandi stays just as committed to being the change she wants to see. Her mission is to empower people to live their dreams so that when their feet hit the floor in the morning, their hearts sing and they’re excited about the day—because they’re in control. Her team’s mantra is: Bring the Mothers of America Home.

Shed Your Superman Cape
David Benzel
The greatest temptation leaders face today is the wish to appear a Superman or Superwoman to their team; to be perceived as perfect, flawless and invincible. The irony is that the attempt to create the illusion of perfection just distracts from and diminishes whatever credibility was there in the first place.

Dale Anderson, M.D.
Exercising your brain doesn’t have to be a strenuous activity that causes you to sweat. In fact, practicing neurobics can be a fun and enjoyable experience that adds brain power every day. Commit to making neurobic activities a part of your daily routine: act happy, sharpen your senses and make physical connections.

“Naturally Written” Web Sites Work Better
Caroline Melberg
Back in the early days of the Internet, you could put keywords anywhere on a page and it would rank for that term. Gradually, search engines have gotten wise to a lot of tricks people have tried to fool them. Today search engines look at content and perform a contextual analysis to verify what you say your page is about.

College-Bound and Financially Free
Linda P. Taylor
Owning and operating a home-based business is one of the most effective and underutilized strategies for helping families save for their children’s education. The combination of tax capacity savings and increased income can allow you and your family to enjoy financial freedom in the college years and beyond.

Know Your Network
Ivan Misner, Ph.D.
For success in generating referrals, it’s crucial to know your sources—the members of your network. There are five critical things that members of your network should know about each other. These are not mysterious secrets; they’re actually facts we are exposed to every day, but often pay little attention to.

Putting Money Together
John David Mann
The truth about your money is that, like your health, it does not take care of itself. Left to its own, it has an entropic drift. It’s up to you to supply the syntropy. Financial literacy is not about knowing; it’s about doing. Find your financial syntropy, then do it.