Cashflow® 101: How to Get Out of the Rat Race

When Robert Kiyosaki came out with a game version of his best-seller Rich Dad Poor Dad, my husband Glenn and I immediately purchased it along with another couple (at $100 per couple) and set about to play. Heeding the advice on the cover, “The More You Play this Game, the Richer You Become,” the four of us committed to playing every week for three months. Having been personal growth playmates with Robert, we knew that games can be powerful vehicles for learning, and we were not disappointed.

The objective of the game is to get out of the rat race by building up your passive income to be greater than your total expenses. Each player is given an Income/Expense Statement and an Asset/Liabilities Balance Sheet. As the game unfolds, the interconnections between the parts—salary, investments, loans, real estate, businesses—become evident. While having fun, we painlessly learned an amazing amount about the risks and rewards of short- and long-term investments and other spending decisions.

If you follow the game’s directions, Kiyosaki promises, “In one year your life will be completely different…your future more secure…your mind razor-sharp…you’ll see opportunities everywhere…” That was, and continues to be, our experience. Following the logic we learned from the game, we made our first and then subsequent real estate investments. We increased our passive income. We decreased the number of “doodads” we accumulated.

We enjoyed playing the game for those first three months and introducing it to other friends over the years. At fourteen, our son elected it as one of his favorite games. It may have been one of the best learning programs of his school years.

Board game, Cashflow Technologies, $195.00

Cashflow® for Kids

Cashflow for Kids is a simpler version of Cashflow 101. What a great way to introduce young children to the sometimes taboo subject of money. Imagine having fun learning investing and accounting, two topics more typically known for their complexity or snooze factor. Every elementary school in our country should have a copy of this game in its classroom.

Board game, Cashflow Technologies, $39.95

Cashflow® 202: The Advanced Game

Cashflow 202 is more complicated and slower moving than the other Cashflow games. It teaches you advanced investing techniques (such as short selling and options) used by experienced investors by adding volatility to the game. The concepts are more difficult to grasp, as you’re now participating in more sophisticated trades and you have to carefully select your investments of time and money. I have to admit that it was fun to pick a card and be delightfully surprised when I got to add hundreds of dollars to my monthly income because I had started a network marketing business! … Interestingly, a network marketing business turns out to be the best and safest way to make it out of the rat race!

Board game, Cashflow Technologies, $95.00