Committed to building a better life for himself and his family, Mohammad Fatemi Ghani moved his family from Pakistan to the United Arab Emirates in order to pursue an attractive job offer as an engineer. After years of working as an aerospace engineer in Dubai, he decided to transition from his area of expertise to start a health and wellness business.

Dubai is the second largest and most populated of the seven United Arab Emirates and often considered as the twenty-first century’s land of opportunity. The government maintains policies that are friendly to foreigners. Some years back, it decided to open its borders to investors, allowing them to buy their own houses and stay as long as they wish. This caused a phenomenal influx of businesses and foreign workers into the Emirate.

Like most people who move to Dubai, Ghani looked for opportunity and discovered network marketing, only to find out that the first company he signed up with was a scam. After his initial disappointment, he was introduced to a health and wellness company with a product that worked and a business opportunity that delivered.

Ghani became one of the pioneers of the networking profession in his adoptive country, dovetailing on the emergence of Dubai as a world business hub with a largely foreign workforce. In four years he reached Diamond status with his company; today he is the company’s first Crown Diamond of the Middle East.

Getting Started

After landing in Dubai, Ghani worked as an aerospace engineer, training pilots and putting in long hours. As the days wore on, he gradually realized that he was pouring his heart into something that was giving him very little in return.

The punishing stress from his work environment finally took a toll on his health. When a friend introduced him to a natural product that could help him with his gastrointestinal problems without causing side effects, Ghani was ready to give it a try. Getting the product at the best price required that he join a network marketing company as an associate, something Ghani was willing to do despite his previous negative experience.

After three months of consuming the product, Ghani started noticing significant health benefits. Since the product was effective, Ghani decided to look into the business opportunity. He soon realized that this company was very different from the first one he had joined two years earlier. He did some research and saw people actually earning money. This was in 2003, at the same time he discovered and joined Networking Times, and in September of that year he decided to get serious and actively build the business.

He started using the company’s entire product line and learning everything about nutrition he could get his hands on. He also got into the habit of getting up at 5 a.m. every Wednesday to attend the weekly Networking University Webinars.

Eight months later, the founder and the CEO of the company visited Dubai and Ghani asked them, “How can I be successful?” The CEO answered, “You need to do three things: 1. Cultivate the right mindset: don’t look left and right, get laser-focused; 2. Be a product of the product so you can share from the heart; 3. Teach other people what you know and don’t look at your check for at least three years.”

Ghani focused initially on building his business only in Dubai, tapping his warm market. After one year, when he was making about $1,000 a month, he started building abroad in those neighboring countries where he knew people: Bahrain, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Ghani’s son Janbaaz also experienced health benefits from the product, including relief from his asthma symptoms. This prompted him to start studies in food and nutrition at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver where he also started building an organization by talking to his friends.

Enjoying Harrison Hot Springs, BC, Canada.

Ghani and Shahgul on a company cruise in Italy.

Sight-seeing in Venice, Italy.
Initial Hurdles

For his first few years in the business Ghani, was still working full-time at his day job, and his colleagues there were very negative. This only encouraged him to become even more focused on his networking business, to prove to them that the product was working and the business was giving returns.

As a part-time networker, he had to build his business after hours; coming from the aeronautic field, he also had to learn a lot about nutrition and food. Thanks to the education he received from Networking University and Networking Times, he learned to answer questions more professionally. As his belief in himself and in the profession continued to build, his words sounded more and more congruent with his demeanor and body language.

But the biggest challenge of all was keeping his team together in Dubai, where other opportunities—and distractions—abound.

“Most people move to Dubai because they want additional income—and this is a happening place,” says Ghani. “They get a bigger-than-life picture in their minds and expect to see big things happen quickly.”

The problem, says Ghani, is that Dubai has also become one of the most expensive cities in the world; inflation there is very high.

“Because so many people here are looking for additional income, they are easy targets,” he explains, “and there are a lot of scam companies opening up here now. Over the last five years, people have become quite familiar with the network marketing model, but they are not necessarily savvy about evaluating companies. They need to learn that in order to build a business, you have to find the right product and join the right company at the right time.”

Laying the Foundation

As far as Ghani is concerned, he couldn’t have made a better choice himself. “In a span of just four years, our company has opened twelve countries in the Middle East, starting from Dubai. And as the company grew, my business and I also grew with it.

“I worked very hard at my job, from six in the morning until two in the afternoon; then I would take a siesta,” Ghani remembers. “Then, from 5 p.m. until midnight I would work on building my networking business. I really pushed myself.”

His company has offices in all the cities of the U.A.E. where he was holding meetings. Only in the past year did he start doing home meetings to train and develop his leaders.

“Inviting my associates to an office worked better in the beginning. On average, I drove about 4,000 kilometers a month, conducting seminars for my company in other cities. Local associates would fill the room with their own guests and I would come out to give presentations and teach them to do the same.”

Ghani also used the phone to train people about the products and the compensation plan. Ghani explains how he would approach them:

“Everybody who moves to Dubai comes with a dream. I ask people, ‘Has your dream been fulfilled?’ Ninety percent of them say, ‘No.’ I ask, ‘What are you going to do about it?’ They say, ‘I don’t know.’ I say, ‘I’ve got a solution for you that you can get involved in part-time.’

“I listen for their needs and wants. Most of the people here are very needy. They are staying here without their family and living very frugally so they can send home every dirham (the currency used in the U.A.E.) they make. I show them how they can start a business they can take home with them or wherever they decide to go. I tell them my basic formula is learning, prospecting, teaching and training. I share with them everything I have learned and I am still learning. In order to succeed in this business, you have to be a great student.”

Going Full-Time

After two years of building his networking business part-time, Ghani saw the financial light at the end of the tunnel, and in September 2005 he made the decision to work towards quitting his job and doing the business full-time. He built connections with leaders all over the world, who in turn coached and helped him to achieve his goals. Finally, in September 2007, he was able to quit his job, and today he fully enjoys the freedom of owning his own business.

“I still work a lot,” says Ghani, “but I do the business with my family, from the comfort of my home. At first, my wife Shahgul did not believe in the opportunity, but once she experienced the benefits of the products and, more importantly, when I started making good money, she jumped on board. Now she takes care of our home office, where I spend five to six hours a day at the computer, communicating with people or studying in my library. Shahgul getting involved was a huge help to the business, because while I was giving seminars on the business opportunity, she was focusing more on product presentations. She had great results with the product herself, and people who knew her would ask her for testimonials. My son is finishing up his degree in Vancouver, and as soon as he graduates he will jump in as well.”

When asked about what kind of professional training is available in Dubai, Ghani answers that the pickings have been slim over the past years. Some American trainers are traveling to Dubai, but their events are very expensive for the locals. Ghani says he educated himself relying almost exclusively on Networking Times and Networking University resources: live and recorded Webinars, training articles, prospecting tools and other product offerings.

In May 2008, the U.A.E. will see its first Direct Selling Festival hosted by the Direct Selling Educational Institute of Dubai. What most excites Ghani about the festival is that Professor Charles King is planning to open a dialogue with the local authorities about legislation concerning the network marketing business model, which the legal system still looks upon with skepticism.

Looking into the future, Ghani dreams about being a free man: financial freedom, time freedom and freedom to travel. In the past two and a half years he has traveled to twenty different countries.

“The dream is happening,” he says. “I have time for myself, time to spend on creative thinking, writing on personal growth, going to the gym and most importantly, coaching and mentoring other people towards success.”

What motivates him is a lifestyle where he meets wonderful people and where he is continuously learning and expanding his freedom, surrounded by his family.

“Together we can help this business model conquer the world. Networking Times is doing a great job of educating people worldwide. Keep the flag of the networking profession flying high!”


Ghani’s Favorite Quotes

“To understand the heart and mind of a person, look not at what he has already achieved, but at what he aspires to.” —Khalil Gibran

“Knowledge without practice is useless. Practice without knowledge is dangerous.” —Confucius

“Inside every successful businessperson is an even more ambitious one trying to emerge. He or she just needs a little help.” —Australian Financial Review

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and collaboration wins championships.” —Michael Jordan