When most people hear the word “coaching,” they think of professional sports teams. Truth is, most people—including your customers—need coaching on a variety of topics, from parenting to health to financial wellness.

Did you know that coaching enables businesses in every industry to increase the maximum lifetime value of their customers? If you’re not offering coaching support as an added value to your existing product or service line, then you’re missing a huge profit potential for your business.

As a business owner, you know how important it is to offer your customers new products and services that make their lives easier. Consider these two important facts:

1. No matter how good or comprehensive your products or services are, your customers will always want implementation support. They’ll need someone to help them step-by-step through the process your product or service provides.

2. If you don’t offer the next step that will allow your customers to successfully implement or better use your products or services, they’ll find this support elsewhere. They’ll turn to a life or business coach who can be there for them every step of the way.

The question is, “How do I begin offering coaching services to my existing customer base?” The following three steps will help lay the groundwork and get your new coaching service off to a great start.

Create a Coaching Niche

Even if you offer a variety of products and services, when it comes to offering coaching to your customers, you need a niche. Not only will establishing a niche help focus your efforts, it will also enable you to better brand yourself and your coaching services. Additionally, having a niche will increase your chances of getting referrals. After all, if someone can’t describe what your coaching is all about and who you can help, that person won’t be able to refer others to you.

As you consider your potential niche, ask yourself the following questions:

By answering these questions, you should have a list of ideas for your coaching niche. The key question you then should ask yourself is: “Which of these specialties and niche markets has the highest potential for my coaching services?” If you find that you have multiple niches, that’s okay. Eventually you will find that one of the niches you work in is more enjoyable and profitable, and is the easiest to reach.

Offer a Coaching Program

Every coach needs a program. And while you might be offering a variety of coaching services and can probably coach all kinds of people on many different issues, you’ll have more success if you offer a core coaching program. You can offer your coaching program in a group setting or as one-on-one coaching.

Whatever format you choose, make sure your coaching program has four important elements:

Here’s an example of how your core coaching program might look: “Twelve Weeks to High Energy and Ideal Weight —A three-month, hands-on coaching program designed to help you better understand what your body needs to in-crease energy and reduce inches through mental and behavioral changes.”

To develop your own coaching program, start by asking yourself these questions:

Use Tele-Classes to Turn Customers into Coaching Clients

Tele-classes are a fun way to connect with other like-minded people, learn a new skill and share useful information. They’re also a great way to announce your coaching services and enroll current customers into your coaching program.

Prepare a handout with the tele-class’s outline, case studies and the link to your coaching program web page. To get the most participation, send at least three reminders about your tele-class to your current customer base. This will also build awareness of your coaching program. It’s best to hold your tele-class three to four weeks before you’re scheduled to begin your coaching program.

During the actual tele-class, stick to the handout and cover the case studies you prepared. Spend 75 percent of your time on content and 25 percent of your time on questions and interaction. Mention your coaching program about half-way through the tele-class and then again at the end. Tie into your discussion any tools, products or services you’re using with your customers to help them identify problems and areas to work on. At the end, invite participants to take advantage of a special offer—a discount, a bonus, a resource, etc.—available only if they enroll in your coaching program by a certain time.

Starting your own coaching program is an easy way to increase your income and expand your customer base. Most people need to be told what to do so they can reach their goals. They’re waiting for someone with the knowledge and expertise they need to come along, sit them down and walk them through it, one step at a time. If you make sure that person is you, you will increase customer loyalty and grow your business, because in addition to selling products, you will be changing lives.

MILANA LESHINSKY is an advisor to small business owners and
author of Coaching Millions. Founder of the Coaching Business
Training Institute, she also runs virtual and live
business building events for coaches.