Running out of leads is one of the biggest challenges I hear from network marketers. If you have burned through your warm market, then this article is for you.

There is no such thing as a lead problem. If you don’t have enough leads, it is an idea problem.

While many people feel they do not have enough leads, most have never set a lead inventory goal. To run an effective network marketing campaign, you need a minimum of 200 leads in inventory at all times. If you don’t currently have 200 leads you can contact, set a goal to get 200 leads in the next thirty days. Goals act like magnets. You will begin to attract those 200 leads.

Here is one reason why you need a minimum of 200 leads: if you have few leads, then there is a good possibility that you will procrastinate on making your calls. Let’s say you have just thirty-seven leads to contact: you will tend to put off calling them, because those thirty-seven leads represent hope. If you contact all thirty-seven and no one is interested, then you have lost your hope. But if you have 200 leads, this will put you in an abundant mindset regarding making your calls. If you go through thirty-seven leads, you still have 163 left. More importantly, you still have hope.

Here are some proven strategies you can apply immediately to generate leads for your network marketing business. Once you master the ideas below, duplicate yourself by teaching them to your organization.

1. Ask People for Their Business Cards

When someone prints a thousand business cards, their goal is not to keep them on their shelf. Their goal is to give them away. When you meet new people, help them achieve their goals by asking them for their business cards. If someone doesn’t have a business card, then ask her for her name and phone number. Once you get home, enter all the information you’ve collected into your contact manager.

2. Stay in the Conversation

Call people you contacted six or more months ago about your business. Most people call prospects once and never contact them again. Master networkers keep asking their prospects to join their team. Kent, a coaching client of mine who now earns $500,000 per year, asked one of his current top producers to join him on twenty separate occasions over a two-year period. His persistence paid off. Here are the golden words Kent used: “Glenn, I’d like to come over, shake your hand and show you what I do.” Kent reliably stayed in contact. After several months, the script became irresistible. Today Glenn earns $150,000 per year because Kent was so committed.

3. Identify People Who Have Your Customers

This is one of the most powerful lead generation strategies. A famous example: Starbucks created a relationship with Barnes & Noble, because Barnes & Noble had their customers. Starbucks now has coffee shops in hundreds of Barnes & Noble book stores throughout the world. Who do you know who has customers who would be good prospects for you to call?

4. Ask for Referrals

Most people know others who would be good prospects for your network marketing business. If you ask for referrals, most people love to help. It makes them feel good and builds an emotional connection to you and your business. They may even some day join your team! I personally asked for referrals in one of my seminars and recruited one of my best employees as a result.

5. Get Leads from New Recruits

Most people know at least a hundred other people. When you recruit someone new, they need help contacting these hundred people, because they don’t know what to say. Once you are trained, you will know how to introduce your network marketing opportunity to your new recruit’s warm market. This is a perfect synergistic relationship.

6. Follow Your Money

Everyone you do business with is a prospect for your business. Your opportunity may be perfect for your hairdresser, supermarket cashier, gas station owner, insurance agent, chiropractor, dentist, doctor or one of their employees. Even if the person you work with directly is not in a position to make a change, perhaps his wife, son, niece, co-workers, employees, brother, sister or church friend needs a new way to earn additional income.

7. Approach People Who Solicit You

Each day people are contacting you to offer you their services. They do this over the phone, through the mail and online. Each of these people contacting you is a warm lead. Add every person who contacts you to your database and enter their information into your contact manager.

8. Offer a Special Report

Most people enjoy special reports on topics that are of interest to them. The idea is to offer prospects value by educating them first. Once you have educated them, you can introduce your network marketing business. You can publish the special report online, in a print ad, on a flyer or during a public speech.

If you truly want to explode your business, apply these proven lead generation strategies. Success attracts successful people.

ERIC LOFHOLM is a sales expert who has trained tens of
thousands of sales professionals nationwide. He is president and
CEO of Eric Lofholm International, Inc., a global educational
organization that serves the needs of sales professionals worldwide.