A thirty-minute drive from the main ranch gate, the hacienda emerges, high atop a mountain, complete with courtyard, pool and grand entrance.

Residual income, Texas style! In Texas you can create residual income two ways: 1) with one of these or 2) with a network marketing business. Why not have both?

Ann and Art thrilled to see their good friends James and Holly for a fun-filled weekend at the ranch.

Four-wheelers… Yahoooo!

Ann takes her time greeting each horse.

James Blakemore prepares some big, Texas-sized steaks. Delicious!

Yup, all the land behind us is still ranch property, including Iron Mountain.

TUESDAY, 1:16 P.M.

Which offer is difficult to sell, and which one will have prospects beating down your door eager to give you money?

a) Computer for sale. Only $500.
b) Computer for sale. Only $500. Includes two days of personal training.

a) Bulldozer for sale. Only $25,000.
b) Bulldozer for sale. Only $25,000. Includes three days of training.

a) Cake decorating equipment. Only $300.
b) Cake decorating equipment. Only $300. Includes one week of free cake decorating classes.

a) Home exercise equipment. Only $800.
b) Home exercise equipment. Only $800. Includes five sessions with personal trainer.

a) Home movie video equipment. Only $500.
b) Home movie video equipment. Only $500. Includes six hours of personal instruction on how to create great home movies.

a) Business opportunity. Only $49 for a distributor kit.
b) Business opportunity. Only $49 for a distributor kit. Includes 48 hours of classroom instruction on how to build a successful business.

See a trend? In every case, offer b) is easier to sell.

In today’s rush-rush society, people don’t want to read long, boring instruction manuals. They don’t want to waste time with trial and error. Prospects want personal attention and personal training to quickly achieve their goals. Once we recognize the desire for training, sponsoring gets easy. Why? Because we are giving prospects what they want.

Several years ago I had the following experience:

I observed a master trainer conduct an opportunity meeting. He spent very little time talking about the company, the products or the opportunity. In fact, he hardly mentioned them. Instead, he told the prospects about the wonderful training he was conducting that weekend. This training would change their lives. They would have new viewpoints, great vision, understanding of the universe and anything else they wanted to learn. All they had to do was go to the training.

Of course, they had to be distributors to attend this training, so every prospect in attendance quickly enrolled in the program.

Well, the training was good. In fact, it was great!

At the next opportunity meeting the new distributors raved about their training experience. Their enthusiasm was so contagious that all the new guests quickly enrolled as distributors so that they would also be eligible to attend the next training.

This cycle continued, and pretty soon this trainer had built a large, trained, motivated group with hardly any mention about the company, products or opportunity.

This experience taught me that prospects are desperate for training and guidance. I also learned that prospects will join even if they don’t see a beautiful flip chart, video or Internet presentation. Few people have bad things to say about training and learning new skills.

Focus on training and you’ll get a lot more distributors—and a lot less rejection.


ART JONAK is a Networking University faculty
member, a successful network marketing leader and
widely respected trainer.