What Does Gen Y Want?
They were taught they could do and be anything they want. They are more educated, better informed and more globally connected than any other generation. Let’s champion these young adults, soon to be our leaders.

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Words of Wisdom
Contemplations on age differences and the passage of time.

A panel of four guest commentators ponders the question, “How is Generation Y changing the world?

The Purpose of Persuasion
Enoch Tan
One significant way energy moves in the universe is through the power of persuasion. Persuasion could be the key to meeting all your goals in life. Without persuading yourself and others, not much gets done. Persuasion is all about moving consciousness; when you can move consciousness, you can move anything in the universe.

Invest in Personal Growth
Art Jonak
Which of the two would you rather have in your business: a $2,000 return on your $5,000 investment from a good pick in the stock market, or two new leaders building their organizations?” Look for the best and safest return on your investment: invest in your own leadership and in the people in your organization.

Hooray! I Got a No!
Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz
Imagine getting a “no” from a prospect and actually saying to yourself, “Hooray!” In order to tap into the power of no, there are five key strategies you can apply today: change your mental model of success and failure, increase your failure rate, count your no’s, celebrate your failures and know that no could mean “not yet.”

Step into Your Prospect’s Shoes
Felicia Slattery
The ability to empathize is a communication skill every entrepreneur, direct sales expert or network marketer needs to master in order to be successful. When you practice empathy, you start looking at a situation from the other’s perspective. You allow yourself to fully identify with that person and feel the same feelings.

How to Outsmart Your Brain
David Krueger, M.D.
Both our minds and brains automatically resist change. Since the brain has a mind of its own, we need to consider eight crucial principles of how our brains work. The mechanisms are complex, but the principles are so simple they’re almost elusive. The first one is: change generates discomfort and dissonance.

The Wisdom of Teens
Tami Walsh created her life coaching company TeenWisdom.com based on a promise she made that some day she would devote herself to making life better for other teen girls. Today, when she’s not busy coaching teen girls one-on-one in southern California, Tami travels around the country talking with teens and parents about the toughest issues facing this generation, providing gentle, sage advice on how, as she puts it, to build bridges of communication instead of burning them down. As one of the first life coaches for teens, Tami brings a unique perspective to the issues facing today’s youth—and she’s making good on that early promise in a big way.

The Incalculable Value of Discipline
Rory Vaden is an accomplished professional speaker, author, standup comedian and cofounder of a $2 million company called Success Starts Now! that delivers sales training events across the country. He graduated from the University of Denver magna cum laude and has an MBA. He has worked as door-to-door salesman, a star athlete, a model, has appeared in commercials and stars in a new documentary, Speaker. And one more thing: he just turned twenty-five. According to Rory, the only remarkable thing about him is that he early on acquired a penchant for approaching life with a large dollop of self-discipline.

Builder of Dreams
At twenty-four, Chelsea Loin is a successful entrepreneur and a budding philanthropist. The network marketing lifestyle was emblazoned in her memory from the age of twelve, when her parents started their first venture in Iowa, where she grew up. Being homeschooled fanned the flames of Chelsea’s entrepreneurial spirit and her vision of attaining freedom through network marketing. As a teenager, she read business books and played the CashFlow® 101 game and quickly learned that she did not want to be in the rat race.

Teaching People How to Create Wealth
Tami was born in St. Paul, Minnesota with an entrepreneurial spirit. Andre was born in Romania under communist regime. When Tami met Andre Popa, she recruited him…as a husband first. He knew if he accepted, he would also be joining the business. He did, and two different perspectives came together to birth a vision for the future the Popas set out to accomplish together: to make their mark on the world as a couple by educating people in finance, real estate investment and business ownership.

Empowering Women
Susan Sly grew up in Brockville, a small community in Ontario, Canada located half way between Montreal and Toronto. Trips with her stepmother to home presentations of a make-up line were her first exposure to network marketing, although she didn’t realize it at the time. Today Susan Sly is enjoying a great life and, passionate teacher that she is, she’d be the first to say that it’s a life available to everyone. She’s moved through challenging patches by focusing on her vision: to empower women and liberate families financially.

Declare Who You Choose to Be
Dr. Joe Rubino
Leaders live life from their declaration of who they choose to be, continually reinventing themselves along the way. When you design your life on purpose, your actions will be in alignment with your declared image of how you envision yourself. Ask yourself, “What actions could I take that are consistent with this image?”

What Are the Magic Words?
Howie Jacobson, Ph.D.
What if you could test your advertising campaign, continually improving customer response, and create ad copy that would work in practically any medium—including face-to-face networking? Consider using Google AdWords and split testing, a feature that allows you to get feedback and correct your advertising message.

Four Ways to Redefine Sales
Daniel Burrus
The Golden Rule of sales is to give people the ability to do what they currently can’t do but would really want to do if they only knew they could do it. That’s so much more profitable than simply giving clients what they ask for. Look beyond your customers’ predictable needs and you will discover new opportunities.

Overcoming Ephebiphobia
Douglas Vermeeren
Teens all have their own individual dreams and aspirations. Our job is to support and point out possibilities rather than taking a position of judgment. Change and improvement can only grow from within. Given an environment of positive encouragement, teenagers begin to see the limitless possibilities that exist.

You’re Not a “People Person”?
Ivan Misner, Ph.D.
Introverts often consider themselves as not qualified to succeed in networking because they are not comfortable with or adept at initiating conversations. This is unfortunate, because introverts happen to have innate skills that make them better at what is most important in the relationship process: listening.

Generation What?
John David Mann
Our youngest generation entering adulthood has no idea what’s ahead, and even though we might think we can tell them, we can’t, because we don’t know either. Whatever it is, they’re up for it, and all we need to do is watch, listen and learn.