At twenty-four, Chelsea Loin is a successful entrepreneur and a budding philanthropist. She loves seeing people’s eyes light up when she can help them get what they want. Whether guiding a network marketing team member to greater success or playing with one of the orphans she supports, Chelsea delights in every opportunity she sees to contribute to other people’s lives.

“I have always enjoyed helping out in my community,” says Chelsea. “Today my lifestyle allows me to give even more of my time and money.”

Chelsea loves to build: businesses, homes and futures. “Someday,” she says, “I may go to college to become an architect. Thanks to my network marketing business, finances for college are no longer an issue!”

Growing up with Network Marketing

The network marketing lifestyle was emblazoned in Chelsea’s memory from the age of twelve, when her parents started their first venture in Iowa, where Chelsea grew up. Even though they changed business focus five years later, Chelsea’s vision of attaining freedom through network marketing remained strong.

Her homeschool teacher, Anjalie Trice, fanned the flames of Chelsea’s entrepreneurial spirit.

“Anjalie was keen on teaching kids about business and about being independent, “says Chelsea. “We read books like Rich Dad Poor Dad, Think and Grow Rich and The Richest Man in Babylon. I played Kiyosaki’s CashFlow® 101 game almost daily with six other girls who were home schooled together. I quickly learned that I did not want to be in the rat race!”

Because of her flexible home school schedule, Chelsea was able to work full-time starting at fifteen. As assistant manager for a local internet service provider, she learned a good deal.

“I did everything during those four years,” recalls Chelsea, “from technical support to customer service.” At eighteen, she began working at Suzann Sander’s pet shop. When Suzann returned home from Japan and announced her next trip to Acapulco, Chelsea was intrigued and asked, “How is your pet store allowing you to travel so much?”

Suzann told Chelsea about her successful network marketing business. When she shared with Chelsea that she was working on earning a free cruise to Alaska, Chelsea’s eyes lit up. “As a young person, I was excited about the promise of travel and potential income. I didn’t want a nine-to-five job or to sit in a cubicle. I was ready to get to work and go after that incentive.”

Chelsea joined Suzann’s team during the last month of a five-month period for earning the incentive. “In that one month,” Chelsea says, “I earned the cruise and $3,000—and had a blast doing it!”

She immediately quit her job so she could put all her time and energy into building the long-term income she had dreamt of as a young girl. A few years later, Chelsea entered the top levels of her company’s leadership.


It wasn’t an easy road to the top. “I had to recognize that building a business isn’t instant gratification. It takes hard—and smart—work,” she notes. “I would talk with fifty people in one month and maybe only one would sign up.”

After a streak of “no’s,” Chelsea would feel like screaming, “I can’t do this anymore!” Frustrated to the point of quitting, she looked to her mentors for help. She listened to audios and read books, seeking inspiration from motivational speakers such as Les Brown and Mark Gorman. After recognizing that consistency and commitment were challenging for her, she made a life-altering decision to do something every single day that would make a difference for her future. After identifying her goals for the year, she broke them down into monthly, weekly and daily actions, and then used a tracking form for self-accountability.

By staying in the game, she began to notice that some of those initial fifty contacts who hadn’t responded right away signed up the following month, and some the month after. Chelsea says, “There are people I talked with over five years ago who are just now expressing interest in working together or using my products.”

Chelsea also learned the fine art of relationships. “With Suzann’s help, I got out of my comfort zone and made deeper connections with people. I learned how to communicate, to find out what truly interests others, rather than just trying to sell them something.”

She learned that when people say they can’t afford her products, they really mean that she hasn’t adequately shown them the value. “I would too easily say, ‘Okay, you don’t have the money… next!’ Suzann helped me see that people could find the money if they knew why they would want to. I needed to demonstrate the value in a more compelling way.”

From Earning to Serving

As her business expanded, Chelsea changed her prospecting approach from focusing on quantity—how many people she could sign up—to focusing on the quality of the relationships and making friends.

“I have fun moving from ‘Hi, how are you?’ to ‘What are your goals and dreams and visions?’ My business gives me so many ways to be of service to new friends. I love asking, ‘How can we work together to achieve what you want?’”

Every difficulty Chelsea encounters along the way stimulates her growth. “Many times, a challenge would block me for two or three months,” she recalls. “Nothing would happen. Everyone I talked to would say ‘no.’ People wouldn’t even answer their phones! The minute I would get out of my head and listen to my heart, the momentum would build, there would be an explosion of excitement and a rush of new energy would come through. Everything I needed would line up and my business would take off.”

Chelsea’s heart directs another aspect of her life as well—her giving spirit. “I do little bits for lots of different organizations,” says Chelsea. “Whether it’s a family in need of a home or a service organization looking for research money, I enjoy giving in whichever way I can. I love being around people and seeing their desires fulfilled.”

Thanks to the time freedom that comes with residual income, Chelsea is able to dedicate a full day each month to support the efforts of local charitable organizations, from the Breast Cancer Foundation to the Heart Walk Association. As a member of the Angels for Olive Crest, she helps to raise awareness for the needs of at-risk children in Coachella Valley in southern California. Her fundraising efforts support Olive Crest’s mission to provide hope to abused children by “building lives, homes and trust.”

Chelsea is not new to building homes for those in need. Her contractor father started Habitat for Humanity in her Iowa hometown when she was nine years old. Now living in Palm Desert, she works side by side with her neighbors to fundraise for and build Habitat for Humanity homes.

“It’s so much fun to be part of building something,” says Chelsea. “I’ve done everything from paperwork to hammering nails and cleaning windows. It’s really neat working with a family on the site of their new home.”

Global Expansion

When Chelsea decided to join Suzann’s team, her new mentor took her under her wing, showing her the ropes of the business. They made three-way calls and traveled everywhere together.

“When Suzann took me to England for five weeks, I met the most incredible people. They were so excited that our products and opportunity were finally available in their country.”

England became Chelsea’s second home over the next few years as she and Suzann traveled back and forth to support their team. “One year I spent more time in England than in Iowa,” says Chelsea, referring to the eight months she lived in Leicester while building momentum.

Through her British friends, Chelsea learned about a trip to Africa to bring their company’s nutrients to needy children. It was a turning point for Chelsea, one of the most eye-opening experiences of her life.

“You hear about the poverty and hardships in Africa, but to go there and experience it first hand really changes your life,” she says.

With a big smile on her face, Chelsea recalls, “The people in Ghana are exceptionally friendly. It warmed my heart to see such appreciation from the children for the small contributions we made.”

Two years later, Chelsea returned to Africa, this time to Zambia. Twelve associates from her networking company traveled together to bring much-needed nutrition to 1,600 children in sixteen different orphanages.

“We were so eager to be with the children,” says Chelsea, “that we landed at noon and a couple hours later we visited the first orphanage. We hadn’t slept or showered in thirty-six hours, but no one wanted to waste a minute when we could be playing games, hugging and connecting with these children.”

In addition to the six months worth of nutrients they brought for each child, they had stuffed their suitcases full of small toys. Every child received something: beanie baby, jump rope, pencils, crayons, stickers, jacks, necklaces. “I remember one girl we gave a little purse to,” says Chelsea. “She started dancing like an angel, bounding all around; we laughed and giggled with her, watching her transformation because of one small gift and ten minutes of our time. It makes me so happy to know that I’m making a difference for even one person.”

Most of the children speak English, so Chelsea asks them the same kinds of caring questions she asks potential business associates: “What are your dreams? What do you want to do when you grow up?” She delights in their storytelling and visions of being in the medical and teaching professions.

“They are so bright and intelligent,” says Chelsea, “and they have such a strong sense of faith. While I know we are making a huge difference for them, sometimes I think we give them so little—and they give us everything.”

Chelsea looks forward to month-long visits to offer nutrients and love to children in need all over the world.

“Because of my networking business, I have set up the foundation for the rest of my life to live my purpose and achieve my dreams. I don’t have to worry about being laid off or not having enough money when I’m ready to buy a house. I’ve built up the resources so I can live my life, travel around the world, spend time with children in need and visit my family for weeks at a time.

“I know that when I’m ready to settle down and have a family, I will be able to. I won’t have to jump back into a job. I will take the time to raise my kids, homeschool them, take them traveling with me and teach them what I’ve learned to help me be successful at such a young age.”